Modern groupset on old frame

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  • This will be so nice when its done

  • Very nice. Can't wait to get my frame back and start working on it. Got all the campy bits and pieces....just waiting now to get my hands greasy

  • So so so sooooo good

  • Basso - literally the most comfortable roadie I’ve ever had.

    Excuse the terrible lighting/iPhone shot. I’ll try to take better pics when the new wheels arrive.

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  • Ooof. That is lovely

  • Can someone help point me in the direction of a slimmer washer that will clear my crown race? It won't work as is. @v11boy yours seems to work.

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  • Ive used the back of a chainring bolt to space out front brake from crown race - worked fine 👍🏻👍🏻

  • That was my last resort

  • i have encountered this with CK and mudguard install and sorted with spacers and longer rear bolt

  • 2-3 serrated washers will fix that

  • They don't fit either.

  • Nice bike by the way.

  • I’m away at the moment but looking at some images it looks like the flat spot on my record Front brake caliper is lined up with the underside of the headset.

    Do you have a flat spot you can use on the caliper or is it round?

    How the image helps

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  • Get the Dremel out

  • Slightly less shit photo of the Basso - took it out for a nice coffee and cake ride before work. Rides beautifully.

    Not sure if this is strictly MGOOF, although the group is much more modern than the frame...

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  • This would be the place to pimp this:

    Bloke who posts on BikeForums came up with this super sweet threaded to threadless adapter, so a bike with a threaded fork can look just like a threadless one. You can ditch that flexy old quill stem, keep the original fork, and not ruin the whole exercise by tainting your bike with one of those fugly quill adapters.

  • 125 dollars seems pretty steep - looks fairly clean though. I would rather run a quill.

  • Such a whack looking logo. If their whole vibe is about making retro bikes work, the logo could have been way more sympathetic.

  • Me, I'd just use a 1" threadless fork. Got a couple, including an Easton Aero that's the farken tits.

  • After months of faffing, my new go-fast-ish road bike is finally finished ☀️

    This sapphire darling is built around an old fillet-brazed 653-tubed Lee Cooper frameset. Lee is one of the most respected bike builders in the UK and continues to manufacture frames for a number of brands.

    According to the serial number, this particular frame was the seventh built by Lee in August 1994. Unfortunately, he couldn't supply any further details as his logs were lost in 2003, but suggested it was most likely built for a local shop.

    The frame has since done the rounds via various LFGSS members (thanks @Josh + @passhunting) before ending up with me, where it will now live out its days as the ultimate #influencing machine.

    I am spoiled with an outrageously posh parts bin and most of the build has come from the depths of the shed of stress.

    Highlights include the gutted broken 105 left-hand shifter and matching Lance-inspired downtube front shifter; the ludicrously lovely CaneCreek eeBrakes; the knackered Chris King Threadset I bought for £20 ~10-years ago; and the evergreen Deda Piega bars 🌀

    As you can probably guess, the frameset rides pretty noodly, but it’s not entirely unpleasant – cosseting and whippy is probably a better description. We’ll call it my seated pedalling-specific bike.

    Provided we get along, I’d like to get the derailleur hanger replaced, new-school brake stops brazed on and have the frame resprayed (I’d also pay someone to wrap the bars as I am ready to admit it’s a job I simply loathe), but for now, I’m a very happy boy.

    (Ps, this is basically a repost of my fabulous IG post, which has more photos, but I owe the forum some gossip too!­)

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  • That’s really nice, the fork profile looks ace and big fan of the blue

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Modern groupset on old frame

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