Modern groupset on old frame

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  • Great Colnago. I'd keep the original paint if I were the owner of it. Go for Campa (and definitely another seatpost ;-)).

  • Thanks for looking @MCamb and @poorman

  • Yes, it is, @badboybjorn 😊

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  • Keep original paint! Wax it and enjoy the scuffs. Unless it’s totally scraped up on the NDS, it looks pretty good.

  • Thanks. There's a full Campagnolo Record 10s + carbon cranks, black components (including replacing the Gipiemme seat post). I have an aero Cervelo carbon handlebar which might be a bit too much for this bicycle but will see....most likely will keep a more classic one.

  • Gracias Señor! ;)

  • Bike Ribbon Pro. Old school, very cleanable.

  • Another 55cm corsa extra :)

    Just replaced the tires with gumwall. Waiting for my black 3T mutant 130mm now, hope it can match the seatpost

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  • Nice! Cant have been that many extra maxes in this colourway.

  • That looks great! How does it ride? Fast, I imagine? Stiff as old cake?

    Once you've got the matchy matchy stem it'll look even better. I would also like to plant this little brainworm: white tape and saddle. It'll match the decals. Think on it.

  • Untill I found mine, I even didn't know there were Corsa Extra's in Max tubing. Never seen one before here in Belgium. All Maxes I've seen were MX Leaders.

    I'm really in doubt on mine: rebuild it era correct (I have a complete DA 7400 in the attic) and keep it for my little collection fo vintage bikes, or sell it. I did a 125 km ride on my Master today and it's such a huge difference (i.c.: I didn't feel crippled after the ride).

  • Are you saying the max is uncomfy due to the tubing, or is it just too small?

  • Randomly to jump in here. What would you guys recommend to protect the paint on an old steel frame?

  • Hanging it on the wall.

  • Missus says no. No sprays or waxes to recommend?

  • I used raceglaze wax on my tandem a year back. You can buy tiny pots that will do 4-5 frames for like £6. That was after using T-Cut to buff the paint.

    I think the only thing better would be a spray clear coat.


  • Too small, I'm afraid.

  • Ah cheers dude. All good thanks apart from scratching my head about why my ratty Concorde MGOOF is faster than my light and stiff Cannondale. And missing even the hint of any kind of hill since moving to the flatlands of Suffolk

    Gentle 130kms! Looks superb

  • Is classic vs compact? I always think classic is better ergo on ascents. Just seems more positive. (In saddle of course)

  • yeah good shout dude. is a 52 on the Concorde and 50 on the Dale. without taking into account slight changes in cassette size it could just be am forced to go that little quicker. if i could be arsed I would switch them over to investigate further.

    but will most likely just accept the mystery

  • Yeah seem rare tho ive seen a few around here. I guess they were only available a few years before they launched the mxl which as i understand it is exactly the same but with a reversed toptube (tapering in the "wrong" direction).

    hopefully u get it dialed in to your liking, nice looking bicycles!

  • Most people would of seen this by now, has been for sale for months.... Looks great though IMHO

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  • Looks great but any wheels above 40mm deep looks clownish IMO

  • Great or clownish? Or do u think clowns r great? 😊

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Modern groupset on old frame

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