Modern groupset on old frame

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  • Thanks @hoops. Will give them a call.

    Any idea of costs / time?

  • Absolutely no idea. If you want it done well, I doubt it will be quick, or cheap, as with most things.

  • Ain't that the truth 😂

  • I’d avoid car wrappers at all costs if I were you, as I’d put money on them making a total pigs ear of something as intricate and complex as a bike frame.

  • There's also hydro coating, but you'll have to find a dealer that has the compressor / airbrush gun.

  • I had some protection strips for down tube and top tube etc.

    I think on a road bike it's a good idea.

    My MTB however just got dings even with the protection.

  • Just take good care of your bike. Plus a little patina over the years is not a bad thing imo. Unless you live in the US.

  • That bad? Does it alter the paint?

  • I wouldn't normally bother. Chips are part of the game, but this paint job is something else.

  • I've done the paint protection film for one of my bikes. Most tubes only require rectangles, but for non-easy geometries such as seat tube cutouts, I formed taped-together sheets of paper around the tubes, traced the outlines with a pencil, scanned the paper, traced it in Rhino (Illustrator or whatever software you would prefer would also work of course - I'm just most comfortable in Rhino), printed it out, glued it to the backing of the film, cut it out with scissors, and then applied it to the frame with soapy water.

    It was a bit of work but worth it. I for some reason did every tube other than the top tube, which now has a light scuff on it (non-drive-side, thankfully). I am of course regretting this, so I'll be doing the top tube as well when time permits.

    The hardest part may be sourcing the film. I have a friend who is a car wrapper, and he gave me some offcuts.

  • Cromovelato is not known for its lasting paint. That can make you think protecting it is a good idea. One can also think its a bad idea to put a glued on tape protection on that same delicate paint. I dont know which is correct but im not putting any on my frame.

  • I'd be wary of paint protection film pulling the paint off with it when removed on a Chromovelato finish - the paint is applied directly onto the chrome plated tubes as far as im aware ..... paint really doesnt stick to bare metal very well without primer (even more so with chrome plated stuff), so you run the risk of the paint having a stronger bond to the protection film than to the bike, so it could peel off with the film.

  • Agreed which is why this will stay unfoiled. Think i like it better on cloudy days than the bright pink it appears like in direct sunlight. Tho it keep changing shades all the time so hard to say which i prefer tbh .)

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  • Damn that's pretty.

  • One of the best bikes in this thread in a long time.

  • best bike here, better than @Señor_Bear

  • Lovely bike. How does it ride?

  • That looks great. Love the bars as well, what are they?

  • Incredible bike

  • Nice bike @badboybjorn, the paint looks amazing.

    I finished building this up last week, a 1989 Bottecchia Equipe/SLX. 1989 was the 80th anniversary of frame builder Carnielli, and was the year Greg Lemond won the 2nd of his 3 TDF wins, riding for the ADR team onboard a Bottecchia, in what is still the closest finish in the TDF ever. Lemond using aero helmet and aero bars overturned a deficit in the final stage of the Tour in Paris to beat the pony tailed, bull horn barred Fignon by 8 seconds. It was also the only time a bike with a Mavic groupset has won the TDF.

    I've just about squeezed in some 28c Turbo Cotton tyres, and it runs 20 speed Campagnolo Chorus/Record groupset, with a doffed cap to the bikes past Mavic connections I've fitted it with the iconic shiny Mavic Starfish crank, which I think made its debut for Lemond's ADR team in the 1989 season.

    I love all the frame features that scream Italian fair and many hours work, Cinelli spoiler bottom bracket, multiple lug cut-outs lined alternately with red and white, cool painting around the seat cluster and rear brake bridge, and all that silver and chrome dazzles in the sunshine and makes me smile. 80's Italian showing off at its finest.

  • Sweet Bottecchia!

    Cheers all for the appreciation. The bars are zipp contour sl in tradtional bend. Wish i could tell you more about the ride but i have less than an hour in total on this one. We have 5 degrees and unsteady weather here in may still so havent taken it out much yet. Dont want to get caught in bad weather on this one just yet.

    It however rides fantastic from the little i have been on it. But i havent been on anything other than my flatbar disc brake bike for the last 6 months or so which helps with making this feel like a bullet .)

  • Black 120mm quill stem in the UK..... anyone got a source for one?

    It's for my gazelle tvm build

  • That is outstanding! Love the Campagnolo 10 & Starfish combo. VMB at its best.

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Modern groupset on old frame

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