Modern groupset on old frame

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  • I’m with Lolo, Thomsons aren’t pretty.

  • Adds “Serotta” to bucket list

  • I have more.

  • That Burgundy one is ace. Not saying the citrus one is bad. ;-)

  • The stem / bar combo on the yellow bike just tips it for me 🤩

  • This bike is rad. I think the it's the combination of cream paint, silver parts and gumwalls.

    What is the frame exactly?

  • Thanks man :) yeah the paint is really pretty up close, it has some pearlescent in it so it shines when it's sunny

    The frame is ISA Nuovo Linea, some frame builder in Bresica Italy in the late 80s (I think), got lucky on eBay with it. Had paperwork and all.

    It has some sweet "aero" features like inline brake cabling on the top tube and these crazy obscure Campy braze ons for DT shifters that have the cabling go through the downtube. Was able to mount some Shimano cable stops onto them so the shift goes cleanly through, better pic below

    Guess only thing I'm wrestling with as I go through this thread is if it's worth getting like a Nitto UI-12 for more modern bars, or some other quill stem

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  • There's nowt wrong with the current stem. You could go for a longer one and shorter reach, modern-shaped bars (M151, M106) but is it really worth it?
    Spend your money on this instead:

  • Yeah, get some Nitto M106 compact bars in silver. (And a Nitto seat post.) They'll go nice with your Hunt wheels. Nice bike! :)

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  • Finishing kit/concor put a smile on my face. Full marks!

  • Thanks! Fortunately the Concor is about the most comfortable saddle I've ever had. (Did previously try a Flite but sit bones said NO!)

  • Do love this one very much!

  • Vainqueur made by RIH -

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  • Into that big time.

  • ^^ yep, nice that.

  • Missing a couple speeds to be considered modern, surely?

  • Point taken.

  • Awesome bike though! And a great looking groupset.

  • If you wanna argue that 7700 is modern then go for it. I don't think this is the forum for hard and fast rules.

  • In any case I'm really enjoying the aesthetic made by turquoise paint + white decals + black rims + gumwalls.

  • That gruppo does shift like a modern one, 7700 is super nice. Frame is topnotch and niche, made in the year(s) that Wim van der Kaaij was prohibited to use the RIH name. If I was in a position to buy it, in the words of Ali G, I definitely wood.

  • Yeah, likewise. I’d very much like a RIH, now is not the right time though sadly.

    Someone on here needs to buy it so I can live vicariously through their purchase.

  • Step up someone and do this justice.

  • Hooooo boy that's a peach. And I have the perfect wheels for it, nice silver deep rims. But alas not my size.

  • newer-groupset-on-older-frame-with-moder­n-wheels? :)

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Modern groupset on old frame

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