Modern groupset on old frame

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  • Didn't know you got this when it was up for sale. Great looking frame.

  • My vote would be Campagnolo 2015 -> Chorus or Record 11 speed (mechanical) Chorus being good value.

  • Now that Shimano cranks are less fugly than a few years ago, I don't think there's much to choose between the main group options on aesthetics, so it really is down to what feels good and works for you. That being said, and maybe I'm biased, but if you can pick up 10-speed SRAM Force for a good price, I think it looks ace on a classic frame. (Swap out the front mech for a newer model one with Yaw.)

  • Don't forget Campagnolo Veloce, very worthy groupset for the money too.

    Hard to recommend over Shimano, the crank/bb let's it down. Too much fiddle / too many tools needed to service.

  • Meh, I just ran a normal square taper chainset.

    The majority of people usually get their bike serviced that worry about such tools is moot.

  • Get an ultra torque set then. They're lovely and need no more special tools than Shimano.

  • Until you need to change the BB Bearings

  • WOW! MAX goodness!!

  • Until you need to change the BB Bearings

    Easy peasy.

    Pull 'em off, drift 'em back on 5 minute job.

    Or go with Rotor's crankset system.

  • Thanks for all the advice on groupset choice, never really considered hood fit before. and thanks for the kind words about the frameset. it was built by Technotrat in Italy and branded Jan Janssen. Hope it ends up being a nice ride.

    Had missed out on a few rad Columbus Max frames in the past couple of months so just jumped on this one when it came up for sale.

    Quite liking the look of the SRAM force groupset. will go for a test ride at some point to see if I get on well with it. Also quite like rival... but am tempted by the blingy Carbon chainset off the force group :).

  • You can swing a leg over my bike to try sram 10 speed if you're central way during the week
    Edit: 1x10 though so you can't have the full experience

  • Don't just try sram, it will be a disappointment. Sram asks a learning curve so you might judge it wrong when only trying it once. I have bikes equipped with campa, shimano and sram and my 10 speed force is my favourite. All groups shift precise when new cables but sram just keeps on shifting accurate. And I think it's one of the most stylish of all (but that ofcourse is very subjective).

  • adding my concorde

  • This screams for a black saddle! Or maybe white bartape. Hm..

    Otherwise really nice, Alex.

  • yeah i know! cheers Tijs. Original plan was going to be as it is with white bar tape, but didn't like it in the end so saddle and pedals to be replaced at some point..

  • These Jan Janssen's are amazing @MCamb . Same seller had this one couple of years back too..

  • Damn, that paint is amazing! Also MAX, very nice.

    This (expensive) MAX Jan Janssen is currently for sale on Marktplaats, but arguably with a much worse paintjob:

  • Look almost like the Concorde a reviewer testing out Potenza;

  • @edscoble yeah saw this before, it's great.

  • Thats lovely. Really like your Batavus as well ed!

  • Wheelset is on point, handlebar and stem not really.

  • Great thread. For me steel plus flashy new kit and carbons is the best sub group in hhsrb. Almost everything posted here by default could go in that thread. Some really lovely bikes. The Rossin a few pages back is so beaut

  • Excuse the poor quality readers

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  • Much much better, have to get cheap Campag wheel set as the original one's hubs push the cassette too far out.

    Nearly done! Just waiting for the Campag Record square taper 52/39 chainset.

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Modern groupset on old frame

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