Modern groupset on old frame

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  • Lol seems like a lot of people disagree

  • Yeah I know. I just prefer them this way for now. Maybe later I’ll move them around.

  • Layback Thomsons* are hardly universally loved, MGOOF or not...

    *as per bike I was commenting on.

  • Hadn’t looked back here for a bit and my goodness it still doesn’t disappoint. Great last couple of pages.

  • .

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  • I weep at your beautiful Daccordi. Such lovely paint.

  • Yes, I kneel and genuflect before that beautiful Daccordi.
    Truly a MGOOF to treasure.
    Is there truly any difference between this bike and a more 'modern'
    road bike?

  • This guy seems to have nice daccordi frames For sale

  • Lovely colour

  • Ah nice, ive seen this SP in the catalogues and was wondering what it was (but was too lazy to zoom in, obv)

    Stem on the caad above is from you, if you remember

  • 1991 ROBERTS Columbus SLX .
    Campagnolo 12 Speed & Shamal Mille Wheelset

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  • BTW, what are people using as Garmin mounts on these? I need to buy a new one as my spare one doesn't fit.

  • THAT Campag crankset is as ugly as hell but somehow this bike manages to make it look good. Well done, quite some achievement that

  • It isn't ugly. Looks fine on carbon frames with its beefiness an clean surfacing. It's much better than the previous 4 arm record cranksets, which had too many lines and surface breaks going on.

  • Shimano groupset any time that carbon crank don't look right on a vintage steel.

  • marmite I guess. But yes, looks good on carbon frames generally

  • I've been putting miles on my Columbus Max Nikor with Campag 10 speed, and have to say I'm a total convert to this wide rims and tyres trend, if you can squeeze them in your old frame. The fit of the 28c tyres in the rear is so snug the rear wheel won't fit in the dropouts with the wheel inflated. I must remember that when I puncture, which has not happened yet, I really rate the new Veloflex Corsa Evo tyres, much longer lasting than the previous Veloflex Masters I tried.

    It glides over the shittest roads at speed like nothing else I've ridden, and is still putting a smile on my face every ride, even this mornings pissing rain and gale force winds.

    I've been waiting months for a black Cinelli Volare saddle from Spain I got off eBay, but it didn't arrive and I've just been refunded, so am on the lookout for one of those, but that's the only thing I'm going to change.

  • 28s feel amazing, especially on lightweight steel. Yours need a clean ;)

  • It was clean when I left this morning honest....that's what it arrived back like. I've wiped it down now I promise :)...just couldn't be arsed to trudge down all the flights of stairs into the grim rain for another pic.

  • just built this, also columbus max and 25mm on open pro already tukt.
    needs matching saddle/bartape, not sure on white or black, and maybe a chrome straight fork but that seems impossible to get atm

  • can't be many 80s/90s classic lightweight steels that take 28s though surely? I'm on the lookout for a new project - will def try 28s in any frame I end up with. been riding them for years on my 2015 953 volare - like riding on pillows

  • @cozey cheaper peugeot models are a good bet. my cologne had the max clearance possible with short reach brakes. 28mm easily, even schwalbe cx comp in 30mm were fine.

  • Maybe, but bikes that were meant for racing, barely take tyres larger than 23.

  • I think I've got some 28mm GP5000 on LB rims I could lob on the concorde and see if they work

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Modern groupset on old frame

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