Modern groupset on old frame

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  • Thank you all for appreciation!

  • Something tells me that frame is too small for them...

  • Amazed those radial wheels are strong enough for someone that's clearly 10 foot tall!

  • seems to have quite an aggressive fit on all their bikes, including one they custom-built for themselves, so perhaps they're just a flexible person in addition to being incredibly tall:­n

  • Refurbed this Principia frame for a customer a while back. Painted to his design. Only input I had was making the Italian colours on the chainstays a bit bolder and asymmetric.

    Personally, I really didn’t like it at all when I shipped it back to him, but he sent me some pics of it built a few weeks back and I actually think it looks pretty good built up!

    Doing the graphics in this font was a specific request (each to their own etc...), as was the Italian flag colours on the chainstays.... which I was a little confused by, as pretty sure Principia are not Italian!?

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  • Colourwise it's a Willier cromovelato replica. That's why he wanted the Italian tricolore on it.

  • Oh yeah, a Ramato lookalike was what he wanted.... just didn’t get the Italian tricolore, as Principia are Danish (?).

    Anyways, makes for a pretty modernised classic build IMHO!

  • Yes, Danish or something else up North.

  • Is the flag upside down?

  • It is, indeed...

  • Hah, thats a very confused bike.

  • It's correct for those who fell head over heels for it.

  • Should have made it a Hungarian flag for maximum confusion.

    This bike was on a recent GCN video, unless there's two of them.

  • asymmetric flag, just like he wants :D

    Wouldn't mind riding that, although the more I look at the flag, the more it confuses me.

  • Probably wouldn't work the other way though because of red into red.

  • Pregnant


  • Done an EDITED>>>>

  • I just painted it like he drew it!
    Flag colours are in the same orientation as Wilier do it. And they are legit italians.

  • Nice bike. Those wheels should be cool to ride on. Although (that's like my opinion) Principia frames look better in an originalish setting. This is a 15 year old Principia frame with brand new Campagnolo Veloce and Calima. Costed less then half of what a friend paid for a new CAAD13. After riding both of them I still prefer the Principia.

  • fake chinese ENVE ?

  • Peugeot 753 Pro

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Modern groupset on old frame

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