Modern groupset on old frame

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  • Looks good. Beautiful frame

  • Apologies for the 9 month bump, please could I get a stem ID?

  • This would make a good'un

  • Ohh Pink Cromovelato .... nice

  • Update: The eBay Hylix carbon fork I had on previously started messing with the handling and gave me this weird speed wobble while descending. On inspection, it was cracked and failing at the crown. So, bloody expensive new Columbus Minimal fork just put on.

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  • Need to get a custom stem made up. After waiting months for Kinetics to deliver it, they've decided against making one now.

  • that bike's so so good.

  • Oof, bad news. I was actually considering getting one.

  • I wouldn't if I were you.

  • V glad you caught that before it failed completely.

    Awesome bike :)

  • Cross post form CP but I’m quite fond of it already so I’d like to show it off. All credit to @roboto of course.

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  • very nice!
    how do the sram cranks work with the campag stuff?
    i can't be the only one waiting for a new campag groupset with cranks that don't look like toy spaceships.

  • Fine so far. I’ll let you know tomorrow afternoon once I’ve racked up 100km.

    I have Campag record (5 arm) on my Look 586SL and it’s great and all, but there’s something very satisfying about a plain black chainset that doesn’t need stupid tools and only costs £70. It’s Apex btw. If you get the white logo version they can be cleaned off with thinners.

  • Very nice work. It does make me miss mine,but old carbon doesn’t last forever.

    Enjoy the ride and hopefully the Sram campag mix works well for you!

  • I used to have a Stages Rival PM (GXP) so ran sram chainsets on several bikes which were otherwise campag. Many thousands of miles clocked up. Never skipped a beat. As long as the chainrings and chain were the same number of speeds, ie 10 or 11, as the rest of the group then you're all good.

  • This is a 10 speed chainset with 11 speed Chorus. Never been a problem for me. The inside dimensions of 10 & 11 speed chains are the same so up front it rarely matters.

  • Yeah TBH I've run 10 Speed sram rings on 11 speed campag too without issue but thought I might have just got lucky there hence suggesting to keep it all matching. Just in case.

  • I was just about to mount one as well :/. Do you have a picture of how it failed?

  • Fantastic!

  • Spent a couple months rebuilding my 86' Corsa into 1x because it's 2019 and front derailleurs aren't cool anymore. Just wish I had a silver cassette :/

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  • Didn't bother taking a picture. Sorry.

  • That MTB cassette has to go, but otherwise that's pretty decent!

  • Yeah I agree, it'll happen eventually, along with a smaller chainring, there's a lotta hills around me.

    For now the range is nice.

  • I'm never gonna get the point of 1x on a road bike.

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Modern groupset on old frame

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