Modern groupset on old frame

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  • Currently have a scruffy Youngs frame as a SS and love the way it rides. But am feeling the need for a few more gears, tried a few new road bikes but found them to be quite hard and crashy, a definite backwards step from what I have now.

    So thought a modern groupset on an old frame may be the way forward.

    Anyone done this?

  • A modern groupset on an old frame has been done a lot. I have an old Concorde (90's) with a modern group.
    How old is the frame?

  • Done 2 bikes modern Campagnolo groupset on older frame .. and 1 bike ShimaNO­2367

    There's some nice builds in the current projects too

  • It's late 80's I think, planning on a full refurb inc powdercoat/respray.

  • Oswald they look great, especially the Gazelle, looks sweet.
    That is what I'd go for, what are the specs? Was it a major project or fairly straightforward?

  • Pretty straightforward, just be aware you may need to have the rear triangle reset to get 130 over lock nuts to run a modern group. Depending on your frame it could be less, but it's an easy and straight forward job for a frame builder / good bike shop. Plenty of "advice" can be found in the current projects if you decide to do this and start you're own build thread.

    The Gazelle was .. Campagnolo Chorus hubs / Sun M1AA Clincher rim, Crankset / Bottom Bracket Campagnolo Record, Shifters / Derailers etc Campagonolo Centaur

  • As oswald says there are quite a few in current projects at the moment:

    Philpub's Ron Cooper has always been one of my favourite forum bikes:­html

    and there's been a really nice eddy Mercks on Fyxo recently:­g/204-classic-bicycles/1004-fyxo-extra

    Hope that gives you some inspiration!

  • There's also a thread somewhere on here on the same subject... thread names something like "vintage looks contemporary performance", or maybe "new age fun with a vintage feel".

    Your title is better.

  • Yep here it is:

    4 helpful pages of discussion arguments.

  • Yep here it is:

    4 helpful pages of discussion arguments fighting.


  • Yep here it is:

    4 helpful pages of discussion arguments. colour code bitching and righteousness

    I am always torn between original equipment and shiny new parts, I think Sheldon recommended modernising the running gear, unless you really must not, period resto project, or L'Eroica ride. that said I commute daily on a 1963 frame, with 70's cranks etc. the new things are the saddle, tires breaks, and wheels all the rest is vinto junk ;-)

  • Philpub's Ron Cooper has always been one of my favourite forum bikes:­html

    Thank you!

    As already mentioned, it may just be a simple matter of getting the stays respaced to 130mm. (My frame dates to 1987 and I think had 126 or even 128.) Then for substituting modern shifters for downtube shifters, a simple matter of fitting a pair of cable-stops to the downtube braze-ons, e.g.­-of-cable-stops/

    Apart from numerous examples on here (I spent far too much time in the bike porn and CP threads before sourcing all my bits), this is another useful thread for inspiration:­/361558-retro-roadies-old-frames-with-ST­I-s-or-Ergos

  • i've fitted by '82 holdsworth with 8 speed and ergo's. just sprung the hub in and it's all fine

  • Thought I'd attempt to resurrect this thread as there seem to be a few old dogs with new tricks being built up at the moment. Just finished a 'neo-retro' build myself and enjoying it more than any bike previously. After getting into road cycling (due to the forum) in 2008 my bikes kept getting lighter and more expensive but this one feels much more me. Also having an excuse ready on the climbs helps when you're hauling a couple extra kgs! A few personal faves

  • That Concorde is spot on. What wheels?

  • Because we all like to rebuild old road bike with modern components, there's one small issues which is the modern handlebar with oversized clamp.

    The solution (which can look O.K.) is a quill to ahead adaptor.

    The other option is the Factory 5 Titan stem which look very strange on it's own but could look fine once it's all fitted on the bike;

    I'm somewhat tempt to get the black one (once I dial in the fit) for the early 90's road bike, as black look a little slimming, but could look quite naff and best resort to quill stem and traditional bar.

  • I think you should just accept embrace small diameter bars when you choose to build up an old school frame. Comes with the territory. Bar selection is a little more difficult, but not really an issue I have found.

    Both ahead adapters and the stem above look wrong in my opinion. Only viable alternative is a 1 inch threadless fork in combination with an ahead stem.

    My only problem with quill stem and small diameter bars is the lack of stiffness.

  • Both ahead adapters and the stem above look wrong in my opinion. Only viable alternative is a 1 inch threadless fork in combination with an ahead stem.

    I believe it can work if the stem is 1", slammed and look in proportion (long and low).

    If it's those bodged job that show a bit of a neck, and oversized 1 1/8, then it look wrong.

    This one is an excellent example;

    Not too bad;

    This is definitely not;

  • ^ Eurgh!

    Defo need a nice skinny stem and bars on your skinny steel. I don't really notice the flex in my Nitto set-up, but then I'm no Chris Hoy.

  • Serotta titanium to Nitto here and I can't say I notice much flex- it might e flexing like hell but I am oblivious of course

  • Suggestions for cheapish black small diameter bars?
    I have the afore mentioned horror of quill adaptor and want to return to quill stem. Black quill stems aplenty on eBay but not so much bars. I like 40cm bars and also most older ones are 42cm+ (broader shoulders in good old days?)

  • Nitto Noodle+powder coat?

  • I wish Campy offered more traditional looking versions of their modern groupsets for these kind of neo retro builds. There's definitely a market for it and the cost woudn't be too high as the underlying mechanics remain the same. Campy did it for this guy:­uild/#1
    I also found this:!neo-retro/c1­oj4

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  • Suggestions for cheapish black small diameter bars?

    If you're not afraid of compact drops, I suggest Deda Piega/Procraft Compact (Deda being the cheapest):



    I have a set of Procraft Compacts on my roadbike:

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Modern groupset on old frame

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