Tour de France 2013

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  • .................His reading of a race and understanding of the tactical nuances is second to none, and he doesn't feel the need to berate the current generation and say how much tougher it was in his day.

    This, this, this.....

  • I hope when David Millar retires he becomes a commentator. His commentary on the last world champs RR was great. Really insightful and interesting. Shame he was paired up with Hugh Porter, really.

  • He only says about 5 things
    "making the callykillation"
    "tour of france"
    "play the waiting game"

    I would like to add

    "with such a big effort , you really will pay later in the race"

  • "Going at such a fast rate."

  • "Tour of Spain"
    "Tour of Italy"

  • "Yes, well"

    "Turty keelometers"

    "Tarmacadam driveway"

  • I would like to add

    "with such a big effort , you really will pay later in the race"

    Ha, yes! Must have heard this loads.

  • And the gloriously unspecific "number of kilometres"

  • Sometimes with Sean Kelly's commentating, I can't tell if a rider is third, deterred, or needs a turd.

  • Yeah, Kelly's rubbish. He needs to refine his craft, make it more along the lines of what's been posted on this thread during the TdF; except it's all sounded like this:

    We Like Sportz - YouTube

  • How come this year they didn't allow retiring riders to do a lap of the Champs-Elysées? I expected to see Jens Voigt out at the front like they let George Hincape last year.
    They seemed to start racing without procession as soon as they got there.

  • Because Jens isn't retiring? Even though it may well have been his last Tour.

  • Definitely his last tour. Thought that would be enough to allow him one final show.

  • No procession due to the late finish of the stage. As it was, riders weren't getting any dinner until after midnight, if they'd had the procession they'd have been having dinner at breakfast time.

  • Hippy does that now!

  • There are no meals, only eating time and sleeping time.

  • 2014 official presentation 23rd October.

  • Did Wiggo do his retirement lap last year?

  • Did Wiggo do his retirement lap last year?


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Tour de France 2013

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