Despite the odds broke my hip

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  • Good news for me today, 6 weeks after hip break - I found out that I'm healing well and can ditch the crutches. My consultant said 'wean off them using your intuition/pain levels as a guide'. He also suggested light exercise such as swimming to begin with.

    As I just posted on the 'Joyous Celebrations' thread, it feels really odd, a bit scary, and quite naughty to walk freely again. Trying not to get in to a limping habit.

    Will be off the bike for a while yet. Going to do some gentle swimming and walking for now.

    In your face broken hip! :)

  • Well done Miss mouse,it was 11 months before i was walking 3 in traction and 8 on crutches.Take it easy and remember,do as your told ;-).Swimming is great exercise,but be careful around the edge of the pool,take a girlfriend with you.I still miss the OMNOPON and Df118's though

  • So pleased for you @Miss_Mouse. Fuck yeah!!!!

    I'll go swimming with you if you like? First time I went swimming when I was allowed it was hilarious, I can't see anything without my glasses/contact lenses and was still on one crutch and nearly hobbled into first a wall and then the pool. I'll wear my contacts this time!!

  • Good idea @reculver - @hats, you are perfect girlfriend material, yes please! I'll crochet us a couple of swimming costumes shall I? ;)

    11 Months? Cripes!! I have been fortunate with my hip fractures, and mostly very patient but and that I'm also lucky to have people in my life to tell me when I'm being an idiot by doing too much.

    I walked with just the one stick today - more to slow me down than for support, as I'm really bad at moderation and not rushing things. It also means I can legitimately sit in the priority bus seats without having to say anything - God send at rush hour. :)

    Let's fix up a swim Hattie - but I'm not doing the cold water lido thang in this cold weather, just so you know.

  • Oh and you guys are right - I was told the firm, raised area I can feel and see is just scar tissue - the screw is of course much deeper within.

    I do find the world of orthopedics fascinating, I must say, and am thankful they can now use metal scaffolding instead of prescribing months of bedrest. Traction does sound really grim though @reculver :(

  • Carrying a stick just to get a priority seat on a bus,thats despicable.Have a thought for all them old ladies and those poor, retired LONDON cab drivers ;-)

  • LOL. Pay back.

    Truth is, because I so rarely drive/am driven, I get really bad motion sickness, so have to get off after about 5 stops anyway. (Shall I keep digging?)

  • Wow you've done really well. I can't remember how long I was on crutches but I think it was 13 weeks from memory.

    The physio was and still is the hardest bit. After 3 months they discharged me but then 3 months after that (6 months after the break) I went and saw a private physio and discovered I still had a limp, albeit a well masked one.

    The NHS is great at putting people back together and getting them walking but sometimes they don't have the resources for things beyond that.

  • Yeah, I'm quite surprised by the rate of progress, or at least, how quickly they advised me to start walking again. But I've had to slow down again this week as it's been aching more. I expected there to be good days and bad all the way through the recovery process but I do have to resist panicking!

  • 3 month x-ray and physio tomorrow.

    I still get twinges if I do too much walking or standing, and my thigh itches like crazy if I do heavier exercise, or walk up a hill, but overall, my hip situation seems to have improved hugely. I've been doing plenty of stretching but not nearly enough of my buttock building exercises. I'm crap at doing anything that requires me to repeat and count but not go anywhere (like being in a gym). Hopefully it'll all seem good enough that I can see how a bike feels.

  • LOL. Deja vu ^

    Definitely not easier the second time!

  • Booooo! Heal up!

  • Do you mean to say you've broken something again? Say it ain't so.

    If so, best wishes for healing. :|

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Despite the odds broke my hip

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