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  • Magic Bike Polo will be launching to the public in the next day or so.

    It consists of Max and myself, and we will be dealing with directly with manufacturers to produce polo products to our specifications (rather than having to go through other suppliers).

    We will be putting time and money into research & development, and hopefully bring new innovative products to bike polo, something that wasn't possible with the LHBPA distribution.

    We will attempt to provide London players with better quality products than they currently have, but at the same, or similar prices they are used to.

    These are London prices

    We are offering complete mallets, gripped, whatever length you want, with either our 1mm/0.8mm shaft, and and Emerald head. For £30

    Shafts 1mm/0.8mm -** £7**
    Heads Emerald - £13
    Heads HDPE -** £6**
    Grips - £2.50
    Balls Cold/warm -** £2.50 or 5 for £10**

    email us or go to our website

    Support your Local!

  • Boom.

  • Eek! want already.

  • Congratulations guys!

  • Ace!

  • Yep all very exciting, placed our first order on Monday, should have them in around 20 days time!

  • Well done and good luck both. Hope you ordered a decent amount, they're gonna be snapped up.

  • PS. Londoners will get a discount!

  • Not too late to change the name to 'Hammer Heads'

  • We've launched our site now,

    All London players will still get their capped heads for £10, as you did under the LHBPA (same price as 3pmh, half the price of MILK)

    You just need to use the discount code LPC when you checkout.

    The heads should be here within the next 3 weeks.

  • Due to the stupid way the shop works out discounts, I've had to change the LPC discount code to a percentage, rather than a fixed amount per head. So it's 33% discount, which means a head is £10.05 online. I hope that's ok. Cash price will still be £10.

  • Awesome. When are the innovative new products launching? dibs whatever they are

  • The heads are in! get em while they're hot!

    Would prefer if you pay via paypal, (dont forget the LPC discount code)

  • Do we get LPC and London Open discount? :)

  • nope! cheeky bastard

  • Pft.. back to gas pipe then

  • Paid for two now. Do you deliver to polo?

  • yeah, no probs, tonight?

  • Can't tonight, working till half 11. You playing Thursday?

  • yep, will bring then

  • awesome, cheers buddy

  • great picture, wheres toddy magichands?

  • On facebook.

  • We will be selling our poles to London players at £7, so you get them for the same price you've been paying the last few years.

    You just need to use the discount code: LPCPOLE

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Magic Bike Polo

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