• This sub-forum thread is for reporting Road Traffic Incidents only.
    Please read this before starting new threads in this sub-forum.

    You should only start a new thread if:
    You are reporting a serious incident involving someone other than yourself.

    For any incident involving a forum member or yourself, please use the "Forum Rider Down" thread.

    Thread Title's should be kept to the following format;

    YYYY-MM-DD - Rider Down/Fatality, Place Name

    The date should always be the date the incident occurred, not the date that it is reported.

    For place names within London please provide;
    1) Road name
    2) Road name/road name - to indicate an incident on a junction between roads

    For place names outside of London please provide;
    1) Town (County)

  • Fatalities:
    All fatalities must be reported with links to appropriate citation, preferably from two independent sources.
    Twitter posts from major news source journalists are now admissible as citation.

    Please do not provide unsubstantiated confirmation (for example twitter posts by the general public and/or hearsay).

  • Fault/Blame:
    When posting please remember:

    1) The family and friends of the person injured may read it.
    2) Legal action is always a potential, and you should not make statements that could affect the outcome of such a statement if found via Google.

    As such speculation over who was at fault for any given incident will not be tolerated in Rider Down threads.
    This includes the re-telling of third party accounts.
    Any comment which strays into supposition or apportionment of blame will be edited where possible or deleted in it's entirety.

  • What to do in an accident:
    If you are looking for information on what to do if you are involved in an incident there is a fantastic resource contained here

    If you need help or information pertaining to anything in this sub-forum please feel free to PM me.


Rider Down User's Guide - Important Information & Rules for the sub-forum

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