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  • Yeah the eye looks brutal but it's actually giving me no bother at all. I feel like an extra from a low budget zombie film, pretty fun!

  • Here’s my fractured scapula mentioned upthread. Four more weeks until anything approaching normality. Currently impossible to hold my arm out or lift anything at all. But biceps / wrists / hands movement all function so could be worse. Crunchy bits where the triangular bit of bone points in the pic is where the action is.

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  • accident on burdett road, east london

    happened just outside Royal Mail Poplar Delivery Office today at 11am

    got left hooked by a van from the outer lane tried to overtake and made an immediate left turn into a premise. I slammed my brake but still ran into the back of van, flew over my bar and landed on my face.

    Bruises here and there, stitches on my face, torn jacket, damaged helmet & broken garmin.

    Another car was nice enough to stop, called the police & acted as witness. please may I ask anyone who witness the incident to get in touch? Thank you!

  • Good to hear you got a witness. Was it a Royal Mail van turning into the site (assuming you were going northbound)?

    Heal up quickly!

  • Hey all, anyone here had any trouble with moped riders recently? I experienced two separate incidents out riding yesterday. I don't do much "road" cycling, most of my road cycling is just commuting and getting around in zones 1,2,3 South, but yesterday after coming off a bit badly on a bridleway near Warlingham I decided to ride home to Camberwell only on road. I went via my mum's to grab some bandages and clean the wound, as she doesn't live too far from Warlingham and used to be a pharmacist :)

    Anyway, the mopeds. The first incident happened near Chipstead on Outwood Ln. Three mopeds were coming towards me, one moved into the oncoming lane and started to drive head on towards me until I cycled into the steep verge on that particular road. Essentially like he was playing chicken with me. Luckily for me I was moving uphill so I wasn't riding particularly fast and it was easy to stop and lean into the verge.

    Second incident, on my way back to Camberwell just before the 5 ways junction at Morden a moped with a passenger came up behind me. The passenger shouted and then pushed me hard in the back attempting to push me off. Luckily I didn't fall and just veered off into the curb.

    It seems mad that I'd have two similar incidents in a day, but then I'm not out as a road cyclist that much.

    Should I report the incidents to the police? Nothing will come of the first, there's never ever been any cameras down there. The second though was just before a junction that must have quite a few cameras.


  • Bad luck. You should definitely report these incidents, with as much evidence as you can get together. The first one should go on Roadsafe, but the second one is assault, so best to go to a police station. It's most likely that nothing will come of it, as it doesn't sound as if you yourself have camera evidence, but you never know, it might have been part of a pattern yesterday, e.g. some yoofs nicking a moped and riding around trying to push riders off, so there may at least be some small chance that the police might do something about it. Glad they didn't succeed, but this sort of thing is frightening.

  • Hey mate, thanks for your reply. I haven't reported the incidents yet but will do. I don't have any of my own camera evidence no.

  • Bad luck, I hope you are ok, and I definitely think you should report both. However nothing will happen, but it's still valuable in a statistical sense.

    I've only ever had 2 accidents in my bike, both caused by 2 wheeled vehicles. I don't think it's getting worse, in my experience the most dangerous and least trustworthy people on the road have always been on mopeds or motorbikes. But I am biased as these are my only incidents.

  • Thanks :) I'm fine :) Did much more damage coming off earlier in the day taking a corner to quickly in some bridleway slop.

    Tbh the 1st moped incident where the rider drove me off the road was scarier. The 2nd, though an actual assault, happened so quickly and as I didn't come off I was just angry. I cycled after them, which was a stupid thing to do. Luckily, and obviously, they were long gone.

  • It's good to hear you are ok.
    That sort of aggression can shake you up so you don't make the smartest decisions.

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Forum Rider Down and/or notification of minor incidents

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