Forum Rider Down and/or notification of minor incidents

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  • Looks great.

    I'm considering a flat bar bike.

  • Car crashed in BFFs bike from behind at almost full city speed, luckily nothing bad happened:

  • Bloody hell. Was BFF riding it at the time or was it parked up?

  • Actually she was riding, looking back, and saw the car heading up to her without breaking – it could have been so bad! And then how to get that image out of the head.
    Driver said he wasn't looking on the street and was searching for a parking place.

  • I took myself out in the most elaborate way. I stopped for a break on a night ride, blew my nose and
    placed the tissue on my rack to pack it into the saddle bag with the wrappers from my snacks once I was finished.
    4km(!) later I got out of the saddle to go up a short ramp and then I don't know exactly how it happened but the chain came off, my foot came off the pedal and I somehow went over the bars.
    I had forgotten to pack the tissue away and it managed to wedge itself into the lower jockey wheel and caused the chain to derail.

  • Ouch. You don't say if you were injured?

    This is something I've always suspected I will do one day. It hasn't happened so far, fortunately.

  • I was really lucky and nothing serious happened just got banged up slightly on all the pointy bits like shoulders and knees. Still a bit paranoid getting out of the saddle now.

  • Chain broke this morning. Straight down onto my head and side.
    ? Borked bike.
    ☑️ Borked helmet.
    And of course- road rash.

    As it is- I’m monitoring myself at work - which is pretty much the safest place I can be.

    Side note: this was witnessed by some twat who sat in their fucking car whilst I picked myself up from the road. Not even polite enough to fucking wind down the window.
    London is full of cunts.

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  • Ooof! During an effort? A horrible thing to happen and hope you’re relatively ok.

  • Ouch! Let's see your wounds!

    How's the bike?

  • Get better soon.

    Too much awesome power!

  • Yep, at the fastest part of the effort, just as the hill kicks up after a little run up, somewhere around 30kph.

    @PhilDAS they’re not that remarkable, my shoulder and the helmet took much of it. As did the poor bike.

    Just frustrated as it was just as I was settling into the session...

  • Kind of goes without say, watch out for the slippy roads. Emerged from months on the turbo trainer and went into the sunny hills yesterday - totally forgot how to use body weight to corner and lost the rear wheel.

    Posting this really as a reminder to keep those home first aid kits topped up!! Been very lucky to have a local bandage dealer who's supplied me with loads of Opsite Plus dressing which is brilliant stuff.

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Forum Rider Down and/or notification of minor incidents

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