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  • Looks great.

    I'm considering a flat bar bike.

  • Car crashed in BFFs bike from behind at almost full city speed, luckily nothing bad happened:

  • Bloody hell. Was BFF riding it at the time or was it parked up?

  • Actually she was riding, looking back, and saw the car heading up to her without breaking – it could have been so bad! And then how to get that image out of the head.
    Driver said he wasn't looking on the street and was searching for a parking place.

  • I took myself out in the most elaborate way. I stopped for a break on a night ride, blew my nose and
    placed the tissue on my rack to pack it into the saddle bag with the wrappers from my snacks once I was finished.
    4km(!) later I got out of the saddle to go up a short ramp and then I don't know exactly how it happened but the chain came off, my foot came off the pedal and I somehow went over the bars.
    I had forgotten to pack the tissue away and it managed to wedge itself into the lower jockey wheel and caused the chain to derail.

  • Ouch. You don't say if you were injured?

    This is something I've always suspected I will do one day. It hasn't happened so far, fortunately.

  • I was really lucky and nothing serious happened just got banged up slightly on all the pointy bits like shoulders and knees. Still a bit paranoid getting out of the saddle now.

  • Chain broke this morning. Straight down onto my head and side.
    ? Borked bike.
    ☑️ Borked helmet.
    And of course- road rash.

    As it is- I’m monitoring myself at work - which is pretty much the safest place I can be.

    Side note: this was witnessed by some twat who sat in their fucking car whilst I picked myself up from the road. Not even polite enough to fucking wind down the window.
    London is full of cunts.

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  • Ooof! During an effort? A horrible thing to happen and hope you’re relatively ok.

  • Ouch! Let's see your wounds!

    How's the bike?

  • Get better soon.

    Too much awesome power!

  • Yep, at the fastest part of the effort, just as the hill kicks up after a little run up, somewhere around 30kph.

    @PhilDAS they’re not that remarkable, my shoulder and the helmet took much of it. As did the poor bike.

    Just frustrated as it was just as I was settling into the session...

  • Kind of goes without say, watch out for the slippy roads. Emerged from months on the turbo trainer and went into the sunny hills yesterday - totally forgot how to use body weight to corner and lost the rear wheel.

    Posting this really as a reminder to keep those home first aid kits topped up!! Been very lucky to have a local bandage dealer who's supplied me with loads of Opsite Plus dressing which is brilliant stuff.

  • Crashed on Brasted Hill after losing the rear wheel. Wasn’t going fast but have fractured my scapula. New to the bone breaking game.

    Big thanks to the ten or so people that stopped and covered me with jackets until the Uber arrived.

  • fractured my scapula

    that's a new one, sounds painful. heal up!

  • Good to hear that you had so much help. Heal up soon!

  • Thanks! Yes it’s “rare” and meant a CT scan was required plus seeing the orthopaedic doc. They often come with joint complications that I seem to have avoided.

  • Honestly the number of people that stopped was awesome. One of the nicest things about this sport

  • I believe I also lost my rear wheel on Sunday, passing a parked car on a bend and then swerving out of the way of an oncoming car that I hadn't seen. I generally like to give a wide berth to parked cars so maybe I was too far over but not sure what exactly happened.

    Seems I saved the bike by landing on my forearms and face, which knocked me out. I've got a fractured radial head (elbow) and some scrapes and a black eye. No pain at all.

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  • Ouch. Glad it wasn't worse, dude. Heal up!

    (have someone keep an eye on you if you had a blackout also, obvs)

  • Bad luck. I had a very similar elbow injury ten years ago. It healed up OK without any intervention but I still feel it a little today. I think the mistake I made was that I kept it too static for too long, so try to get someone to tell you what light exercises you can do with it. (My medical advice is obviously not to be trusted, but that's my experience.) In my case, it also took longer to heal than the three months they told me it would. Hope it's sorted again quickly!

  • Thanks for the advice. I've got a fair bit of motion back already and they've told me that I can't really do any further damage by moving it. So as long as I'm not in pain I can't really use it too much. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks for the well wishes guys

  • Wank yourself better.

  • Oofff! The state of that eye!

    Heal fast dude.

  • Oh, he hadn't uploaded the eye picture yet when I looked earlier.

    I feel we've given him too little credit for this so far:

    Seems I saved the bike

    Exemplary behaviour, took one for the team, etc.

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Forum Rider Down and/or notification of minor incidents

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