Forum Rider Down and/or notification of minor incidents

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  • Thanks Oliver, informative as always.

    He went to hospital in an ambulance for X-rays, not sure whether it's worth booking a GP appointment as well. The only broken bone was a rib which can't be treated. Got a pretty impressive bruise on his hip (he's anxious to point out the swelling is mainly from the crash not cake).

    In the accident thread it's mentioned to push for a prosecution. To my mind it's very clear which party is at fault but obviously the police don't seem to see it that way. Is this something I should chase up with the police?

    Will look into the CTC, I'm a British Cycling member and I think they offer something similar

  • Good to hear your dad was checked out and hope that there's nothing lasting.

    In the accident thread it's mentioned to push for a prosecution. To my mind it's very clear which party is at fault but obviously the police don't seem to see it that way. Is this something I should chase up with the police?

    I'm afraid I couldn't give you good advice on that. More legal types will know; whether a prosecution can be successful will of course depend on the quality of the evidence, e.g. if there are witnesses. I've never myself been involved in any kind of post-crash action. I just know from lots of reports that things can easily fall under the table and be forgotten about. Your dad is clearly entitled to compensation, and the driver's insurers should pay that. There may be early warning signs as to whether it's worth lawyering up. For the time being, the operative assumption, tinged with a note of caution, should be that the driver will act in good faith, but it's often happened, judging from reports, that they reconsider after a short interval, usually a week or two. It's often shown itself not to be easy, so I hope it doesn't come to that in his case.

    Also, tell your dad to pull the other one, that clearly looks like a cake swelling to me. :)

  • From talking to them it doesn't seem like they want to do anything the easy way but time will tell. I will pass the message on!

  • If you are a BC member you should contact them and they should refer you to their legal partners, Leigh Day.

    I had a similar accident nearly 5 years ago, only this was someone opening a car door as I passed. They got upset and aggressive with me, claiming it was my fault and were annoyed I'd called the police and an ambulance (had a fractured sternum). Leigh Day were fantastic, dealt with everything and I was compensated for the damage to my bike and for my injuries.

  • Unfortunately it wasn't me injured, and he's not a member. Leigh Day are on my list to contact though, cheers

  • I’d still speak to BC. They might have some kind of referral scheme for relatives of members.

  • Just got my card out and it expired last month, d'oh. Probably why they emailed me about 50 times reminding me. Will get in touch anyway

  • White Van driver knocked me onto the pavement on Saturday. Was heading along East Dulwich Road towards Peckham, road very busy, white van man gets impatient and decides to nip into the bus lane - where I was, right beside him. The van didn't actually hit me but only because I swerved to avoid becoming street pizza. It happened so suddenly, and at a point where the curb is relatively high, that over I went and splatted on the pavement.

    He kept going, I picked myself up and ran after him in adrenaline rage, so the drivers on all four sides of the box junction got to see me run across the yellow stripes yelling "Come back, you cunt!" at full volume.

    But he did stop as soon as he was safely across the junction and he got out as I was taking a picture of his number plate. So I find myself glaring at a little fella with a gammy leg, very embarrassed and apologetic and asking if I want his insurance details. It was clear he wasn't a cunt, he'd just been a careless idiot. Can't remember what I said (something along the lines of "This has been enough, doesn't need more doing.") but I just limped back to my bike.

    Bike OK, just needed to realign the handlebars and put a little glue on the bar tape. Left leg, arm and hand have a nice collection of bruises and scrapes and get stiff if I sit still. My jeans now have a fashionable tear at the knee.

    Oh, and one of the cans of cider in my bag flew out, landed with a crack and went off like a Catherine wheel, decorating the landscape with a spiral of booze.

    I would add a pic to Draw Your Own Collisions thread but sore hands.

  • Ouch. Heal up! Glad you are Ok.

    And don't forget the obligatory MS Paint + poo rendering.

  • Shit, sounds sore. Heal up.
    Have you checked the bike since having a chance to cool down. The fear/rage can mean you overlooked other damage. Fingers crossed everythings ok.

  • Glad you're OK (but obviously get yourself checked out if the stiffness you mention doesn't get better, if you haven't already). Presumably the 'bus lane' in question is that tiny bit east of the Fenwick Road junction? That's a bad design because of the proximity of the zig-zags around the zebra crossing, which obliterate the bus lane and it then resumes just after the junction, for a tiny bit to merge into the bus stop, after which there is no bus lane any more. I'm sure you wouldn't be the only person to get side-swiped there for that reason. I'm obviously not trying to excuse his bad driving, which is still bad driving. Heal up quickly!

  • Oliver, contributors to this thread are regularly amazed by your detailed knowledge of the junctions where they are knocked down. The general assumption is that you just take a keen interest in cycling safety. There is, however, another possible explanation..

  • Oh, I don't have that much knowledge of this particular junction (and the place just off it where your crash happened), I just always look up crash locations when one is given (which is easy with slippy maps and Google StreetView). Here, it was immediately obvious why it would have happened in this way.

    There's a lot of bad design where people try to cram too much stuff into too little space, when good design is generally simple and not noticeable as 'design'. It happened a good deal with bus lanes; the London Bus Priority Initiative did some excellent work (and bus lanes were one of the main reasons for the growth in cycling in London in the 00s), but sometimes, especially towards the end, they tried to cram in 'bus lanes' where there really wasn't space, or only for a short distance, as here, creating over-complicated facilities that drivers can't read properly on approach. Bus lanes have to be long and continuous, and where that's not possible, it's generally better not to have one.

    Anyway, glad it wasn't worse!

  • Sure, sure. I am not the unbreakable cyclist you're looking for.

  • I did get the reference, but I haven't seen the film. :)

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Forum Rider Down and/or notification of minor incidents

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