Forum Rider Down and/or notification of minor incidents

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  • Thanks! Yeah, I’m alright (it’s joe by the way, the other one!) but my shoulder, right side is a bit bashed. I’ll take a look and work through it.

    I go past it tomorrow morning so I’ll try and find the relevant cameras to get the footage downloaded

  • Or should I call the police on 101 now to see if the CCTV can be preserved?

  • I say why not? Sorry for mistaking your identities, been too long!

  • Glad you seem OK, but as ever with such things, don't just assume it and get yourself checked out. People often find much later that there was an injury that they just didn't notice at the time.

    With any luck, the driver will be friendly and will give you details of their insurers. Not every such action has to be adversarial. Are there any indications it might turn sour yet? Hopefully not. You shouldn't claim from your insurers, but from theirs, if indeed they continue to admit liability.

    Having a witness is good, but what do you mean by 'no direct witnesses' but 'someone who saw the hit'? That sounds to me as direct as it gets?

    Did the police actually attend? You don't say whether they did or not. If they didn't attend, they will probably not want to be involved, and they certainly wouldn't write a report. (They should attend at least all personal injury collisions, but obviously wouldn't unless they were called (and there are lots of crashes they don't attend). With many crashes such as yours that technically are slight injury (not requiring a stay in hospital) collisions, they typically don't--there's a very high rate of under-reporting.)

    CCTV can usually only be requested by police, and most CCTV owners wouldn't give it to you if you asked yourself. I'm sure there are exceptions. It's best not to rely on CCTV but on maintaining a good relationship with the driver so that you can get your damages covered by their insurers. Needless to say, despite what they may have said at the scene, drivers then often think that claiming might change their insurance premium etc. and change tack, so again hoping that won't happen in your case. Good luck!

  • A caveat to what Oliver is saying is that you can request CCTV yourself via a subject access request­of-yourself

    They may not release it if it has other people in it but it is worth a try.

  • Thanks both - I’ve filed a crime report via 101 and I’m going to get a quote for the damage this week. Part of the problem is getting the CCTV - none of the businesses around there seem to have public contact details so I’m going to have to door knock I think.

    Once I know the full extent of the damage, I’ll try my luck with the firm. I’ve got a witness who I’ll email tonight for a statement. Hopefully they’ll pay up rather than risk their premiums

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Forum Rider Down and/or notification of minor incidents

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