• Me, courtesy of inattentive driver pulling over oncoming traffic and bike lane.
    Pulled brake hard and flipped head first into road. Passed out for a bit.
    Two broken neck vertabrae, collar for 6 weeks, 4 stitches on eyebrow, headache.

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  • ooof and ouch. Heal up fast.

    Don't leave us hanging tho, is the bike OK?

  • Oh shit, broken neck vertebrae are definitely not good. It sounds as if you had a lucky escape there. All the best for your recovery.

  • Fuuuuck! Get well soon and take the cunt to the cleaners

  • They are cracked at the protruding edges, so it's only muscles that attached no spinal damage. Lucky.

  • Been told so but unconfirmed. Noggin took the impact.

  • Heal up fast. Sorry to read about this.

  • Brakes are death

  • Disc brakes especially. I had like 10m max at 30kph, nowhere to go. Split second later I'm thinking oh shit. Done.

  • I can recommend recabling your brakes euro, then you can only panic grab the back one and do a sick skid.

    All jokes aside, get well soon.

  • this is shit. heel up soon mate.

  • Rotten luck. Hope you heal quickly.

  • Heal up man that sounds nasty.

  • Ow, glad you're kinda OK.

  • Damn, dude. Heal up!

  • Do I post here or in Current Projects if I made it to the bathroom on my own feet today?

  • That’s what the commuting thread is for, duh.

    But congrats on achieving a sit down wee (I assume this is the preferred method when you almost die)

  • It's the preferred method full stop.

  • The bike has no visible damage apart from a slight scuffmark on the right shift lever and a bit of a scratch on the rear derailleur.
    Shop took out fork and inspected wheel etc for marks of impact and there were none. Looks like the bike got saved by my body.

  • I was being light hearted and your injuries sound pretty serious, so I didn't mean to make light of them, and wish you a speedy recovery.

    At least that is good news about the bike, you really protected it well :) Do Columbus or Reynolds do vertabrae? Just a fancy lug really.

    Was it the Talbot you were riding? If so you've already had a bit of a journey with that bike so I'm glad it survived, and there'll be many happy journeys for you both ahead.

  • No worries, I'm trying to keep the mood up as well, no offence was taken ...

    To be fair, I think they make even better fused bits out of titanium, but the recovery for that stuff might involve even more discomfort, so I am pretty "happy" with my relatively minor fractures which will heal all by themselves. Have watched Tim Don's story of having to wear a halo, and that does not look like fun at all.

    Yes, it was the Talbot. Just needs a wash and it'll be ready to go.


  • Oh, the other update is that I am home. I can walk and manage many things by myself. Just have to avoid lifting stuff, driving and any strenuous form of exercise.
    Banned from driving, riding and impact sports for 12 weeks actually.

    I am however plotting a stint on the indoor trainer before even the collar comes off, if my physio is okay with it. Will find out tomorrow. Might have to come up with some sort of a contraption that raises me up, maybe a ladder over the front or so.


    The other thing I am considering is work in the pool and some resistance band stuff for shoulder rehab.

  • Hi all, hit by a van tonight crossing my lane as I went straight ahead. Got his details at the scene but no direct witnesses (I got someone who saw the hit).

    This would be at 19:20, by the lights near Marylebone.

    I assume this is standard no-blame situation? My bike is a bit fucked and I’m a bit bashed up.

    If I only have home insurance, how do I go about claiming from them?

  • You ok Luke?

    Get a police report done asap and there should be cameras around. There's a thread about what to do in a crash.

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