• I am tempted to spend my money I'll gotten gains on seeing you for the weekend

  • Sozzles.

  • Man down. Me.

    Tues 3/8/2019 Hornsey road

    Going along about 17 mph.

    Nice chap in van looks at me, i look at him. he pulls out quickly. slam on anchors. hit van head first tumble a fair old way. Ambo and police on the scene eventually but looked after by some very kind passers by including the chap in the car behind me.

    Just been discharged from the whittington two days later. couple of snapped ribs and a small puncture to the lung. Those that know me will remember I have shit luck with lungs. Same lung that's collapsed a few times and been operated on https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/1711­17/

    Police said driver was at fault. Got witness statements etc etc. Following this all up now.

    Wanted to thank @spotter who was on the scene within minutes as I was off to meet him. Firstly I'd like to thank him for being handsome, and secondly for just generally looking after me, and liaising with friends/family/hospital etc and refusing to leave my side until I was settled.

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  • Ow. Heal up soon and nice shit.

  • Oh yeah. Helmets work.

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  • Look at that twat with the wonky eyelids, he is definitely not someone who would gain power of attorney from you whilst you were zonked on morphine...

    look at the dent @cake left in the van with his head

  • Oh J...

    Heal up soon, and sue the shit out of them. Good on you Spotter to look after him too.

  • Shit. Heal fast and be thankful you’ve kept your good looks.

  • Fecking hell, J. Get well soon. Hope you will get mended and the justice will be served.

  • Oh yes, helmets work! I had a crash about 2 months ago, heading to a green light and then there was grit which wasn't there on the day before:

    From the outside:

    Some people stopped and asked if everything is OK or not, and that it looked horrible. I could go to work by bike after some minutes, but let the bike then there for a week or two! Maybe two or three weeks afterwards it felt like every single bone on the crash side did hurt.

    Beside the body the MacBook has now sign on one corner, and the display is bent a little bit, the cargo bib shorts have no marks (pretty interesting), and the rear derailleur hanger was bent.

  • Rider down on Deansgate, Manchar about half an hour ago, black bike, fucked front wheel, looked singlespeed, helmet on the ground. One police car in attendance with street closed, no one on the floor so hopefully well enough to get into car, big yellow truck stopped nearby. Hope they're well.

  • Err, rumours of air ambulance before I went by, was hoping the lack of ambulance and person on the floor was a good thing.

  • I was knocked off last night by a driver in Bushey, not too far from home.

    I was travelling East down London Road as a young driver, heading west, was turning right into King Edwards Road. She turned across my lane just as I approached, I shouted, braked hard and swerved left but she hit my back wheel (I think) knocking me off the bike just inside King Edwards Road.

    She got out of the car, made sure I was ok and was very apologetic. I got up, moved out of the road, moved my bike and caught my breath. I suggested she move the car out of the middle of the road.

    I'm luckily fine, I can't have hit the ground hard, so we exchange details. She makes a comment about how I "should wear a high-viz vest or something", I say she should have seen me and my 1000 lumen front light and bright red jacket and she should look more carefully, she said we both should (wtf, I'm thinking 'I saw you perfectly'). We left it quite pleasant.

    I get home and check the bike over, all good except for a scraped rear QR lever, it's my winter bike so I'm not so precious. No damage to kit, helmet or anything else it seems.

    I was thinking of texting her to say I'm not taking it any further but to reiterate the point of looking carefully and that she should have seen me. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

  • Should at least be reported to police for stats purposes

  • And wait a few days, just in case any niggles emerge that aren’t apparent just yet.

  • Thanks both, good advice. I'll report via roadsafe shortly.

  • I’d be charging her for the QR skewer for the ‘we should both be careful’ comment, that would fuck me off no end

  • Hmm found a small dent in my frame that wasn’t there before....

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  • New bike! New bike! New bike!

  • Should at least be reported to police for stats purposes

    The police only record personal injury collisions in the STATS19 system, and fortunately, this doesn't seem to have been one.

    I do agree that in a way all crashes should be recorded, but it's one area where I agree it would be a waste of police resources. As it is, not even nearly all personal injury crashes are recorded, and those should obviously be a priority.

    The driver definitely sounds as if she would benefit from some updated training.

  • Be careful if you use the Surrey Canal Path. There's a slippery section outside Glengall Wharf Gardens where the slope down from Glengall Road meets the canal path. Two cyclists had gone down separately when I went through and were awaiting an ambulance.

  • Why was it slippery? Does that happen whenever it's wet or was there ice?

  • It gets slippery if there's an overnight frost. The council usually grit it but they haven't started doing it yet

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Forum Rider Down and/or notification of minor incidents

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