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  • The driver stopped, took her details but didn't provide his. Suggested that she 'came out of nowhere' and was going too fast.

    What a cunt

  • Indeed.

    Police traffic team number I was given can't help. They're civvies who get completed cases from police. Said to wait three weeks and call back if no news.

    I've emailed Hackney Council about their cctv although they say they'll only hand it over to insurers and solicitors, tfl about any bus-based cctv. The mcdonalds on the corner is plastered in cameras but they will only give cctv to police and can't tell us how long they keep their cctv for... Going to check other shops and so forth for cctv tomorrow.

  • will only give cctv to police

    Submit a Subject Access Request? Thought they then had to respond unless exempt?­v/

  • Yep. Subject access request. They may argue that they can't release it on the basis that it identifies another party but it should at least mean that they keep a copy whilst the wrangling is going on.

  • This is what Hackney say about subject access requests on their website

    Subject access requests
    If you've made a subject access request application under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), please be aware it's unlikely to succeed. The chances of the Council recording any personal data in our images is extremely low, as our cameras are zoomed out to record a wide angle overview of roads. Any request made will be dealt with, but please bear in mind that the delay in dealing with the request may mean any video images are overwritten before they can be produced as evidence for applicants.

    Edit: just realised you mean mcdonalds. I'll see what I can do.

  • ^ yep, Maccy D's. Sorry - wasn't clear. But the council request, however unlikely they say it may be, is still worth submitting a form. (Especially since their operator said it looked nasty - they'd definitely have zoomed in to check)

  • Well, firstly the fact that the driver was, by law, obliged to give his details means it's a matter for police. I know it's fashionable to push the onus for taking action onto victims (or their associates), but the police should really deal with it, even if they didn't attend the scene. I know that's probably not going to happen, but it is worth saying.

    Secondly, if the driver was turning into Abbot Street, there is a chance that his identity could be found out by asking at the Bootyard, Fitzroy House, Print House, the Kingsland Shopping Centre, or Arcola Theatre, as it is likely that he was carrying out a delivery there (was the van unmarked?)--the vast majority of drivers turning there are accessing these few buildings. It's a same way in-same way out situation, too, as it's filtered, so if he did actually end up driving into there (he may of course have abandoned that plan and driven off in another direction) he should have come out the same way. Obviously, there is the possibility that he was just trying to turn his van around (quite a few drivers do that there), but it's worth trying. There may also be further CCTV options in Abbot Street behind those buildings. There's at least one camera on the back of the building McDonald's is in. There's also a CCTV warning on the gate to the Kingsland Shopping Centre delivery yard.

    As previously stated, you really shouldn't have to do this work. It's a sad state of affairs that when a collision is considered minor, this is what happens.

    Hope your girlfriend isn't too badly shaken. This sort of thing--having no recourse to professional services like the police's--can feel terrible.

  • Sounds a bit of a cop out to deter people. I'd definitely still send them one and make them aware that the police will be requesting it so please keep a copy.

  • What sort of cunt hits someone in their van, blames them and fucks off without leaving their details, really hope the CCTV comes through for you.

  • Thank you all for your advice, support and for calling the driver a cunt :)

    Quick update: the police contacted Kate yesterday and told her that they'd viewed the council cctv and mcdonalds cctv. Both sets of cctv recorded the incident but apparently no registration is visible in the video. Kate asked if company details were visible on the van and told that it was a plain white van and that therefore the police wouldn't be taking it any further.

    I'd been emailing Hackney cctv separately and asked about registration and/or company livery and shortly after the above, they replied with:

    "The company name and contact number is visible on the vehicle involved and would be useful to the police."

    Kate called the police back and told them this and they said they'd email Hackney Council about the cctv.

    I'm furious at how little effort they put in. Basically they confirmed on the phone previously that they could see Kate and the driver talking on the mcdonalds cctv, so they have footage of the driver himself and they have company details.

    We'll be following up with the police on Monday and I'll keep you lot updated! Any suggestions or advice, let me know!

  • Thanks Oliver. Just seen this and thought would update in case the details are useful to others.

    The passenger, who was initially helpful, has now gone quiet and refused to give the driver's details. That leaves me without a registration as I didn't get that detail before the driver left the scene; neither did the witness. I've been in contact with the Ally Pally office to get hold of the CCTV. They weren't particularly helpful to start with so I have submitted a Freedom of Information request and they have until 12/6 to respond.

    I've checked with my home insurer and as this bike isn't one of the named items on my policy it is covered only up to £500 (less £250 excess and loss of no-claims discount).

    Police have come back with formal notification that without reg details they will not be able to take the case forward. However there is a 6 month window to update in case the reg plates are discovered.

    In the meantime I have appointed Leigh Day to act on my behalf (covered by my gold BC membership). If a reg plate comes through then they will proceed with a claim against the driver's insurance. Otherwise we will be submitting a claim to the Motor Insurers' Bureau - who I understand are an 'insurer of last resort' and cover such incidents. Hopefully that will cover some of the £800 I am out of pocket...

  • Thanks for the update. Why do these things always have to become so messy? Good luck!

  • .

  • Myself - left hooked on Coldharbour Lane eastbound by a driver turning on to Lilford Road. Not really sure where they went past me but usually ride quite central along the road so imagine it was after the pinch point and then turned straight across me. Came to a slow enough that I was able to just slide onto the boot luckily so no damage to me aside from a scratch on my leg.

    To my luck there was a police van behind with about 7 officers in who stopped and got out to check everything was ok. The officers discussed it with the driver asking how she couldn't have seen me where she admitted she did and then they asked why she turned then to which she couldn't really answer and they mentioned several times the recent accidents that have had much worse results. Rode on my way after that as couldn't be fussed to go any further with it and was happy after the 5 minutes or so of conversation and checking myself and bike with police that everything was ok.

  • Reports of a cyclist seriously hurt after crashing into a parked vehicle on kingsland Road , hope they pull through as initial reports don’t sound positive.

  • Glad you're OK. Having just looked at the location, the pinch point is about five metres from the junction, so to overtake and turn across you there must have been spectacularly bad driving. I assume you put the crash on the record with police despite the relatively fortunate outcome? All such records help with tracking where problems exist. (There is a huge degree of under-reporting of such minor crashes, but they are nonetheless significant; if they were all reported, we'd have a much clearer picture--and, needless to say, such crashes sometimes turn out to be more severe when the adrenaline has worn off and the instinct to say 'it's all fine' has dissipated.

  • Rider down in Richmond Park on Sawyers Hill, look like they were going up. Ambulance required unfortunately. Police said rider should be okay, but there was either gel or blood on the road.

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Forum Rider Down and/or notification of minor incidents

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