Forum Rider Down and/or notification of minor incidents

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  • Hope you're feeling better today!

    Was it at the junction with Plymouth Avenue or Grindlow Street?

  • Grindlow, need to speak to the restaurant in case there's any cctv.

  • Leg swelling has gone down, I'm pretty used to hurting that so will be fine in a week, ribs still hurt a fair bit though but don't think they're broken.

  • Walk in centre was busy yesterday and didn't have time for A&E, will try GPs tomorrow or if not head to the hospital and start sorting everything out.

  • It does look as if the area grinds some people low.

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  • Good luck, hope all is fine.

  • Sitting in Tommy’s with a punctured lung

  • Shit, dude. What happened? Hope you're as well as can be, given that injury? Big heal-up wishes from a stranger on the internetz.

  • Thanks, clipped by a rider on CS7.

    Three broken ribs and awaiting further scan results.

    Morphine is lovely

  • Ouch, heal up, Dantheman!

    Did the other rider stop and did you get details/witnesses?

  • Morphine is lovely

    It is. See if you can get them to prescribe painkillers for you, as well. IME, they give you real codeine, none of that fake stuff.

  • +1 for high-strength Codeine. But don't take it for 4-5 weeks like me (given a great, big box and not told when to stop - and I still have over half the box left!) and then go completely cold turkey when the GP says "you're not supposed to take it for that long!". Fuck, that was an experience...

    Hope nothing else is up. Heal up dude!

  • Probably a good thing to avoid codeine constipation with a torso full of broken bones too

  • Managed to spend some of the afternoon in HDU.

    Thanks for the messages, will have it on my GoPro but not much I can do I imagine.

    Seemed a genuine mistake by the other party (no details)

  • I can't believe you dare criticise LFGSS-grade medical advice. :)

  • Hope you're better--I think it really is a problem that so often people on bikes get away with rubbish riding, when in fact they're regularly as culpable as a driver would be in a car.

  • This comes from bitter experience unfortunately. I fell off a roof after one too many shitfaced bongs when my disappointing A level results came through.

    Broke a few ribs amongst other injuries. The sweet opioid relief soon gave way to attempting to shit rocks when even the tiniest of pushes gave the kind of pain that alters your soul.

    Don’t do drugs kids!

  • I hope the recovery process is stress free.

    Avoid sneezing.

  • @Dantheman
    Seconding @mrJL and @andyp. Constipation and rib pain is no fun. If it happens, and you are partial to it, Guinness was my "loosener" of choice when I came off the codeine. Just be wary of booze + pills, of course. And if you feel a sneeze coming on, put your thumb under your top lip and squeeze your lip. Something about a nerve there that can suppress a sneeze. Saw it on a Dr. Hilary slot on This Morning on my first sick day when I detached some ribs, ended up being a life/dignity saver for a few months.

  • HTFU, my ribs were just a bit hurt and they still hurt when I sneeze or lift something wrong, broken and punctured lung must be hell.
    I'm back on the bike though but can't wheelie or endo or owt.

  • Doored this morning , just before the Palm Court bus stop on the way down Ally Pally South Terrace. Bus was stopped with a queue of static traffic waiting for it to move off. I was filtering down the inside of the traffic, with a reasonable sized gap between the cars and the kerb.

    Numpty #1 swung the passenger side door of the car open without a care in the world. Took all the impact on the downtube of the frame and my right shoulder. Rolled a few times, but lycra stayed in tact luckily for passers by on the rest of my commute.

    The guy was very shaken up, and rapidly reached for a suspiciously jazz-looking roll up. Witness stopped and gave me their details while I picked myself up and inspected the damage. Exchanged details, but (stupidly) I didn't take any photos of the car. On further research I understand that it is the driver's responsibility to ensure it's safe for their passengers to exit the vehicle.

    Frame (Kinesis Tripster AT) confirmed as a write-off this morning. Replacement ordered so hpeefully back on two wheels by the end of the week.


    • Commute on metal bikes. Carbon would not have been ridable after this kind of impact
    • Always take the car details, even if it was the passenger who injured you
    • Always carry a jazz ciggy
  • Glad you're OK, but rubbish about the bike. Passengers opening a door like that is often not something you expect, as you assume that since they're in a queue they're not stopping but still on their way somewhere else (and few people undertake single stationary cars). Is their insurance paying up, then? Hope it all comes to a speedy resolution.

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Forum Rider Down and/or notification of minor incidents

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