• Man they need to give me more drugs. I'm a god damned american aren't I?

  • Good shout. Finally I have a chance to contribute to my favorite thread.

  • Man they need to give me more drugs. I'm a god damned american aren't I?

    Yeah. But opioid crisis.

    Heal up!

  • thanks. the angel-nurse came by with the fentanyl. things are temporarily warm, fuzzy, and pain-free. Even the pain of life seems to be gone. I should probably keep taking this stuff forever, right?

  • Man, joking aside, they are giving me oxycodone . WTF. I had brain surgery twice in germany and had to beg for a fucking paracetamol.

    I'm not sure I can deal with the lifestyle over here.

  • oh fucking balls. i guess the break happened too close to my neck. they are worried about vein damage. they are shipping me to the other hospital. fuck me i think they are after surgery. god damn me and my dumb bike ridery.

  • Sounds worrying. Best wishes for the ongoing diagnosis and treatment.

  • thanks man. its my fault for remembering poor lynchman and his devastating bike crash. pain meds are fading. life is no longer warm and fuzzy.

  • Well just got out of the ICU and now in a regular hospital room I think they're going to let me out today so that's cool. I guess I have tiny break in my right wrist. I'm glad I was wearing a helmet even though I didn't hit my head just because everybody asks if I was wearing a helmet and probably would like blame me if I wasn't. The collarbone is pretty broken though.

  • Youch! Glad it's nothing serious. Rest up and heal up!

  • That you were wearing a helmet probably made you more careless.


    Glad you're fairly OK.

  • Crashed on borough high st yesterday about 8:30 resulting in broken collarbone and case of road rash. Dno if anyone on here witnessed... not 100% what happened, jogger on the side of the road that saw it and stopped to help seemed to think I’d hit a pothole.

  • Heal up soon. Too bad to suffer this because of a pothole. Did you get details of the witness? Unless you made some kind of severe riding error, you could pursue the highway authority responsible (Transport for London) for damages. Then again, if you don't really know what happened, you may not feel comfortable about that.

  • Cheers, tbh my recollection is my chain dropped when I was out of the saddle throwing my weight forwards, turning the handlebars and sending me over them. There’s a lot of potholes in the bus lane round there but fewer in the traffic lane where I was. Bike looks mostly ok, just new hoods and bar tape. Hopefully the collarbone should be mostly recovered in a few weeks so could be worse. Think it might be a lesson in slowing down a bit as much as anything else.

  • Ah, OK, it must have looked to the pedestrian as if you hit a pothole. Anyway, get better soon.

  • 21/09/2018

    Walton Bridge Road northbound, Shepperton, Surrey.

    Riding home from work tonight, some little prick on his moped has pulled level and his dickhead mate and pushed me off.

    I'm alive.

    Cut up elbow and forearm, shoulder and hip grazed. Helmet saved me this time, I suspect. Its dented so decinitely gonna get a new one.

    Reported to Old Bill, filed as ABH, but as moped had no number plates (shock horror) I don't suspect anything will come of it.

    Todays tailwind and the slight downhill meant hitting the tarmac at over 40kmh. Its my birthday tomorrow, so the cans of Punk IPA I've been saving are coming out.

    Pardon my French. Cunts.

  • Fucking scum life. htfu.

  • One of the worst things that can happen. Heal up quickly.

  • On my way out to a club run tonight I was filtering down the outside of traffic heading eastbound on Camden Rd (outside Sainsbury's) and a chap looking the opposite direction steps out from behind a moving bus - who beeped at him so I presume he jumped in front of them too. I shoulder checked him square in the jaw and we both went down. He started to apologise and help me up, before quickly changing his tune and walking away while I was in the road. The damage is nothing major, just a few scrapes and a stiff knee. Mainly pissed about the modifications he made to my bike for me - scratches on the paintwork and a massively scuffed hood.

    Oh well. Live and learn. While it was his fault in my eyes, it was avoidable; next time I will go slower and take more notice of my blind spots.

  • Someone on the ground outside the cafe in RP around 8:45 this morning. Coppers said car was involved. Then on my return the BBC said a kid was killed by a hit/run driver in Manchester.

  • Just reading about that kid in Beswick, seems the arsehole driver has handed himself in.

  • Riding home on Friday evening at 17:40 on the CS2 Mile End Road heading east, passed Mile End Tube and the police the other side waiting for cyclists to jump the next red light the pedestrian crossing lights near Cobarn Road were green so I kept going when a silver Ford Focus on Mile End Road decided to turn left into Cobarn Road just as I was approaching didn’t look or see me. I braked to avoid him and in doing so skidded on my left hand side. Ended up with a cut elbow and a dislocated shoulder.
    I would like to thank the 2 guys who stopped in their car for me, a fellow cyclist and a lady from the local pub. And the staff at the Royal London who treated me.
    I have been back and there is a CCTV about 2 meters away number 100. I have reported it to the Police rang from outside the Police station as it closed told I would receive a reference number by text and email which I haven’t received. So I have reported online but haven’t heard anything. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can find out the drivers details.

  • Hi all. Not sure if this is the right thread... please point me in the direction if incorrect.

    We are running a survey to understand the experience of crash victims (not just cyclists) who have been in a crash in London October 2015 or after - slight injury, serious injury and fatalities.

    The purpose of this survey is to understand more about how victims (in London specifically) are treated by the police, and what their experiences are of the collision investigation process – its perceived quality and their treatment.

    We will be using the findings of this survey to compile a report, which we will present to the Victim’s Commissioner, the Met and TfL.


    Please share with anyone who has been in a collision - and let me know if there are other forums I can post in.


  • It's worth noting that RoadPeace is a highly valuable and meritorious organisation who have been doing great work on these issues, so that it's well worth filling in the survey. I've suggested to them to start a separate thread for it.

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