My completed bicycle project (2): Bike porn worthy?

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  • When this guy wakes up in 2-3 hours you boys are in for a world of online pain! that is if he's not flown over 'Liam neeson style' (from film Taken) in order to sort you all out in person! Though I should add that I don't believe it would make as good a film..or maybe it would..? :-)

  • It's pretty pathetic that you haven't all got anything better to do to be honest.

    Stuck in bed all day with a smashed face. I have an excuse. Don't worry lads, I'll fight this battle for us all!

  • we went through all these threats of visitations by an overexcitable person from the other side of the pond before

    as ever, the offer stands, if you wish to meet me i am at West Beers most weeks

    plenty will vouch that i will probably say to your face what i will say online

  • Wee Bobby Carlisle is from Maryhill in Glasgow.

    True but wee Boab is gentle as a lamb, he's no Begbie.

  • TCN07 has been banned for 1 week.

    The physical threats, racist language, and general attitude are not welcome on LFGSS and as he's such a new member I want to be sure he doesn't think this is welcome.

    This thread is now closed.


My completed bicycle project (2): Bike porn worthy?

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