What to do in the case of an accident (discussion)

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  • Had to shuffle my bike back on my trailer. Not the easiest 0.5 miles walk to Reigate Station. The train journeys were stressful

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  • If she's pulling out into the main road it's her fault. Fuck her up. They owe you for a new bike and associated damages.

  • I feel for you. Traffic from side streets is always my main worry when going down Reigate Hill. As hippy says, it's her fault (100% so, especially as her expectation ('she expected me to stop even though I was on the main road') is absurd) and she should have given you her full details at the scene, as that's a legal obligation on her. Even that has been found to fail in the past, unfortunately.


    I think the answer to that is waiting for police to arrive, however long that might take, there's been an RTA and they should be attending if called out.

    It can be difficult to get the police out on the scene if there's no personal injury (it sounds as if you weren't injured?), as usually the expectation is for drivers/riders to sort out insurance details among themselves, but they should attend if they're told that one party refuses to give details.

    tl;dr--she broke the law, first causing you damage and possibly injury, and then by refusing to give details.

    Are you a member of the CTC/Cycling UK? You can get free legal advice in this sort of case. Hope you manage to get satisfaction in one way or another.

  • Can I ask how long it all took, I'm currently in the same situation. I understand that it won't necessarily be the same for me but just wondering really. The last time I made a claim was through CAMS and it got a bit nasty and took 3 years.

  • I've just checked my email records - the accident was on the 16th of July 2015 and final settlement paid on the 22nd of February 2016, so a little over 6 months.

  • Ah nice one

  • @Oliver Schick sorry for the long silence. I am not a member (i dont think) of any of those organisations.

  • No worries, I'm sure you've had more important things to sort out than posting on here. Hope you're better!

  • I am going to join CTC. I bought a GoPro and now record all my rides. GoPro battery life is not the very best for this but I was so desperate.

  • which is better in your opinion though, British Cycling or CTC?

  • @Oliver Schick I am going to join CTC. I bought a GoPro and now record all my rides. GoPro battery life is not the very best for this but I was so desperate. Which is better in your opinion though, British Cycling or CTC?

  • I'd join the CTC (currently called 'Cycling UK').

  • Cheers for the advice. I have joined with them.

  • Good, let's hope you never have an experience like that ever again, but it's comforting to know you have some services at your disposal if you need them.

  • Got knocked off a few weeks back, coming down a hill, driver pulled out on me. Luckily just battered and bruised, no damage. Exchanged details etc.

    Initially I didn't think to report it to police, but then concluded that actually best to have a record in case they weren't just bruised etc.
    police were v helpful, explained as I was injured they have to investigate.

    The outcome of which is that the driver will be sent on a course, with a driving assessment at the end to make sure they are fit to drive.

    Seemed like a really good outcome for the driver to get some training, a fine etc would of achieved very little.

  • How was he/she during the incident? Apologetic?

    I'd love for the c*nt from my last accident to get sent to a course but I'll be lucky to get some money in the end.

    I'd feel a bit sorry for sending them to a course when they are apologetic and helpful but they still managed to hit a cyclist so...

  • Yes, always make sure there's a record of crashes. Good to hear you had a follow-up experience that satisfied you.

  • Apologetic, but if it's some helpful advice and training then that's probably all for the good regardless I reckon

  • Hi, I wonder if someone can offer me some advice...my son was recently hit by a car while riding. Very minor injuries thankfully but his beautiful old steel Raleigh is a write-off. The driver was very open at first but has gradually reduced what she seems to think she ought to offer. She is now saying she is only prepared to buy a similar bike off eBay to replace the dead one. My question is - what are my son’s rights here - and what do people think is reasonable? Hope you can help. W

  • Sounds like she has admitted liability. Maybe ask her to put that offer to you in writing?

  • She has sent a text to that effect - what do you think would be reasonable to accept? I figure if was an insurance job then we’d just get a modern like-for-like replacement. Not sure whether it’s reasonable or not to expect a ‘new’ replacement

  • Does anyone else have any advice to offer please?

  • Get a bike shop to inspect and describe the damage and suggest a suitable replacement.

    Go back to driver with report and say “this much please”. If they refuse you need to deal with their insurer. You can do this yourself or you can get a solicitor to do it for you. Your home insurance might be able to help with that or any affiliations you have, BC / Cycle UK etc.

  • OK cool. Thanks for that. I have been to the lbs, got a quote. (£600) But she wants me to choose a second hand bike off eBay (£150 approx). I’ll go the insurer route.
    Thanks for your advice

  • Anyone claimed off the council for shitty road road surfaces causing an off? Just had a pothole send me over the handlebars. Elbow and knee pretty messed up, bike possibly damaged too.

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What to do in the case of an accident (discussion)

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