What to do in the case of an accident (discussion)

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  • I emailed them saying treatment was ongoing and with an expectation that the offer should be higher and they are now saying I will need to reject the offer and engage a solicitor. Why can't I just argue with them myself? I don't want to fuck about with solicitors. I saw this as a bit of an opportunity to learn about the process.

  • Just looked at CAMS. They don't have a secure website so they're DTM.

  • they're DTM.

    Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters?

  • Ahh I see

    Deep Tissue Massage

  • Dan The Man!

  • Are you a british cycling member? Free legal advice is included with membership.

  • Not for years.

  • Is there a procedure if you have an incident with a pedestrian?

    I had an Asian woman walk out in front of me on my brompton this morning, i'm ok and there's only superficial damage to my bag or bike but i ended up just riding off to work

  • You're supposed to take their wallet first.

  • somehow she was still standing and i was in a heap on the floor.

    Odd incident - i had right of way at a cross roads in Pimlico and a woman on a Dutch bike pulled out across me, this woman had started crossing the road directly behind her so as the dutch bike cleared she was just stood frozen in the middle of the left lane.

    I'm sore AF now mind

    I didn't really know what to do at the time, i just sat on the floor with a load of people looking at me awkwardly, checked nothing was particularly broken and slowly rode off to work

  • Unfortunate. Last time some dopey ped ran in front of me I went straight back to the hospital I'd just left to get my face put back together. Last time I'll bother booking an afternoon off after a hospital visit.

    I guess if nothing much is damaged there's nothing much to do except mend up? Did you exchange any details?

  • Nah no details exchanged, after i picked myself up and checked my stuff, this woman just stood there very awkwardly and wouldn't look at me or say anything, along with two people who stopped as they were walking past.

    Could be much worse of course, still infuriating you just have to suck it up.

  • Yeah, it's shit. If you don't have any details you're kinda out of luck. It's worthwhile getting them because I often think everything is fine and only notice broken stuff later on. You never see everything with a quick post-crash glance.

  • Should I bother pursuing the council after an accident caused by a poor road repair. Hit a ridge in the road, which bounced and jammed my chain resulting in a lot of road rash, a bad back and me being about £700 out of pocket. I'm probably partially to blame was tired and my concentration must have erred on a road I've ridden hundreds of times before, but the surface is shit. Have reported the road condition to the local council, should I bother to seek recompense or am I wasting my time?

  • I could be wrong, but in these cases my understanding was that the council needs to have been aware of the poor surface before the incident took place to be liable for any damage that resulted.

  • I recall having read something similar elsewhere, might shoot an e-mail to the council anyway in the hope it might pressure them into sorting the road out if nothing else.

  • I got money back for two punctured tubes when I nailed a pot hole on Oxford Street. They fixed the hole the same day as well!
    They just wanted photos etc but the process was fairly simple.
    This was for relatively small amounts of money and which council you talk to will obviously make a huge difference.
    Worth at least speaking to them though.

  • First look if the street has red or yellow lines. If the former, the street is TfL's responsibility. If the latter, it would be your council. Both TfL and councils have street fault reporting mechanisms. Best report it there.

    If it was a ridge, was it perhaps near a bus stop, and caused by buses?

  • If you can prove the road was not maintained within their repair schedule you can probably win.
    I sued a council after a pothole crash and won because I had Google Street View images that showed the hole had been there for months and should've been fixed.

  • What's the general forum consensus wrt going for a no-win-no-fee type solicitor vs doing it yourself? I was doored on the weekend and broke my collarbone. The police are involved, I have witnesses, they'll be an A&E report somewhere, so part of me feels as though it should be possible to do it myself. That said, I do buy in to the logic that solicitors might be able to recover more in damages and I imagine the admin involved in doing it yourself is enormous. Any thoughts?

  • Get a lawyer, there are a couple on here who can advise, but if you’re a member of lcc or cycling uk you’ll get third party insurance and access to a lawyer through them.
    It takes a long time to get injury money back, last time for me was going on two years.
    Nobody’s got the personal time for that..

  • Thanks a lot for you advice, Cornelius. Sadly I'm not a member of either cycling uk or llc so if anyone on the forum can recommend a solicitor (preferably not a fee based one) it would be massively appreciated.

  • Join and use their lawyers retrospectively. Or look up who they use and approach them to take the case.
    Last of mine was done through slater and Gordon.

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What to do in the case of an accident (discussion)

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