Bike Stolen from train

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  • **I've put this in the main LFGSS stolen bikes thread but I hope you don't mind me posting it here too. A friend has just had his bike stolen from the train. He's in the middle of training for the Race Around Ireland, hoping to qualify for RAAM so could really do with it back.




    Black Specialized, Roubaix road bike, stolen from the Plymouth to Glasgow train at Cheltenham Spa just before 2pm, Wednesday 6th June.
    It's a 58cm framed bike with a white saddle. It is unique in it's appearence with double taped white handle bars. Because of this the handlebars look twice the size of normal handlebars. Bike also has odd tyres with a Continental Gator skin rear tyre. The chain is slightly rusted in several places. I would imagine this will be up for sale for a silly price in the Cheltenham / Bristol area anytime from now.

  • Well that fucking sucks. I've locked my bike to the train before, but the guard told me to unlock it in case it had to be moved. Since then, I always sit with the bike.

    The station will have CCTV - has your friend tried to get access to it?

  • Was it in a seperate goods/ bike carriage?

    I presume even though they do not let you lock up, they have no responsibility for loss

  • They have responsibility. Even if they say they dont

  • i'm from/in/around cheltenham, i'll keep an eye out

  • I've lived in fear of this every time I've had to use a train where the guard's van was the place to put bikes.

    I bloody wish our public transport would wise the fuck up about bikes. I just had to dodge staff on the East London Line otherwise I'd have had me kid riding from Hackney home to Lewisham tonight.

  • I hope this bike was/ is returned safely. Whenever I take my bike on the train (usually London - Bristol) I live in fear of this happening. Fuck where my reserved seat is. I sit in the next carriage and watch for anyone wheeling my bike along the platform. Wouldn't help if the train was pulling away but it makes me feel a little better.

  • I have had the guard tell me that I am not allowed to lock my bike to the rack in the compartment on intercity trains.

    I ignored him.

  • Merseyrail win, only train company in the country that always let's bikes on

  • Have to go to Chelt police station on the off chance my sons stolen Trek is there,will keep an eye out.

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Bike Stolen from train

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