Triple triangle goodness

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  • So I bought this GT Force frame off ebay the other day for £45 (bit of a bargain I reckon). It's 4130 double butted tubing, so it's pretty light, and it's gonna be awesome. It had vertical drops, so I got a file from poundland (get in) and filed about 2 or 3mm into the dropout. Normally people would file away from the BB so you get better chain tension, but I think it's more important to try and get the tyre as close as possible to the seattube, so hopefully (using the magic gear calculator) I get just about what on my old 42/16 combo off my other bike all the parts are coming off. Pretty excited...
    Was kind of thinking off getting a clear powdercoat done, but I kinda like the metallig grey finish, so it's staying this colour for now

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  • Goodness, I thought you'd found a third one for the Dairylea and La Vache Qui Rit triangleness of yumminess.

    I was all excited.

  • Ha!

  • bargain frame that

  • Thats crying for play time. Give me some monies I make it track.

  • Tarck?

  • DOn't be soft. Put an Eno on it.

  • magic gear it!
    ive got a gt force frame ive been using for a couple of years as my main comute/winter bike run around.
    they're nice frames
    triple triangle FTW

  • Put an ENO on it.

  • [/quote][quote=Brucy;2927143]I make it tarck.

  • E

  • Don't slay this puppy.. Give it gears

  • DOn't be soft. Put an Eno on it.


    Put an ENO on it.



    And this

  • Maybe. Hopefully not though. £120 for a hub ain't really in my price range...

  • Put an ENO on it.

    If you like it then you shoulda put a ENO on it.

  • So... the frame came with this kind of threadless looking stem, but I also have this more old school ITM stem knocking about. Which should I set it up with?

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  • The one it came with suits the age of the frame IMO.

    I'd get brucy to kill the puppies. It's not a classic frame or anything. If the angles stack up, get some track ends.

  • Mmm you're probably right... That'll give me something to do tomorrow then! Managed to get my 16/42 to fit exactly so don't need any track ends. Pretty happy with that. I find I don't really need gears in London, so it won't be getting those...

  • Well, I've been riding her like this all summer, but never got round to actually taking some photos of her, so here they are!

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  • Hmmmmm, forgot to rotate...

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  • Slack chain

  • Smooth ride

  • Deserves gears.

  • The title of this thread is misleading.

  • looking for more dairylea related content?

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Triple triangle goodness

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