• Also the frame tubing must be from accles and pollock. Preferably just the frame as the whole bike would undoubtably be out of my price range.
    Here's hoping and thanks.

  • Okay just a Hobbs of Barbican pre 1950's and 23". Basically I'm after something as light as possible.


  • They are lovely - I built that one up a few months back. Beautiful light weight frames.

  • Wow that's fab, what model is it?

  • Think it is a Raceweight but with Osgear drop-outs

  • I dont suppose you weighed the frame before you put it together did you?

  • I didnt :( - but it was light - seemed easily comparable to a 531db frame.

  • No problem,
    All i have to do now is build it up which judging by the price, this went for,
    will not be as easy as i thought.

  • Bought a 22 inch fillet brazed one on the bay a year ago for absolute peanuts, 1948, plain guage 531 for a 27.0 seatpost, with the original metal headbadge and Lytalloy seatpost clamp, it was for 26" wheels so 700C fit a treat.. just had it refinished and it looks like it was made yesterday - lovely frame. They do pop up on ebay regularly and are often very cheap, I own several different models, most of which looked like basket cases but are so damned light and ride lovely.
    I'm riding a 1950 Raceweight to work at the moment with the same lugs as Knowthejo's. Good luck with the project!

  • Thanks for the feed back,
    I have finally bought a frame, its a, "Hobbs Of Barbican" from 1946. Lugless made with Cromo A&P tubing and resprayed grey.
    I have been playing detective though and found this under the paint work on the fork crown.
    Is this very Hobbs-esque?
    Im not so sure.
    Any ideas.

  • Sorry the above link didnt work.

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  • is there a serial number on the steerer tube?

  • Hi Hillyben,
    The number on the steerer tube is the same as that on the rear left hand dropout.
    Which is a good start.
    Its just that the fork crown looks a little at odds with other Hobbs i have seen of the same era. It look distinctly like a Nervex crown or maybe its an Oscar egg crown, im not sure.
    I thought this motif might help to determine whether the crown is original to the frame or not.

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  • what is the number?

  • 46121887-6

  • interesting
    here's one with a similar number
    but generally you'd expect a 1946 frame to start with a letter, then a 6, and be shorter
    also a twin plate fork crown is more typical

    (may be all bollocks)

  • The lettering system started in 1947.
    Peter Underwood has a 1951 Hobbs Raceweight on the same site with a Nervex crown, but then thats more typical for the age.
    thanks for your feed back by the way.

  • ahh ok, so i was talking bollocks

    anyway i have a fillet brazed model i have decided is the Sportsweight, but it's 531, has a twin plate, the number is H9 something so it's 49

    also the marque enthusiast has a fillet brazed Criterium model which is at the other end of the scale for fillet brazing. i.e done by choice not because of lug shortages,

    Sportsweight was made in A&P also, i have the full build spec if you need it.
    set sizes of 21", 22", 23" etc

    pump brazes on dt, 26.6 seat tube i believe, cylindrical seat stay tops

  • 26.6mm seat tube Really!
    I have spoken to the Marque enthusiast and he mentioned the Criterium having a wider top tube. Sounds like a nice bike
    He has been very helpful and informative and im tempted to go down to Somerset for the 3rd Hobbs of Barbican run on 19th August.

  • may see you there

  • I have one too but is a little small for me,looking for something larger from this period.

  • I have a near complete unrestored hobbs of barbican 1947 H471200. Original paint. frame,forks, two sets of rims, bars, all brakes and levers,crank.original dynamo and lights. Everything bar seat and seat post, toe clips but might find those?and a missing chain. I am selling on behalf of the owner who had it hand built in '47!! Photos to follow. www.jurraf.co.uk

  • Might know where to locate the very thing! I'll have a bit of a nosy this week, and if the owner wants to sell it I'll get back to you the weekend.

  • pics will be put on forum Tuesday evening. This is totally original. www.jurraf.co.uk

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Wanted: Hobbs of barbican fillet brazed 23" pre 1950.

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