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  • I have a spare mech hanger (it's a bottle opener) for a 1FG frame, should anyone need one.

  • I'd quite like to build a (light) rim brake bike again after riding a ti disc bike for a while. I have a 56cm purple caad12 disc frame hanging in the loft, would anyone be keen in a swap/purchase? I'd quite like a rim supersix HM or maybe even a disc. Dream would be the supersix HM team disc (the green one).

  • @e54
    I’m pretty sure you took a photo of my 1fg last summer at the storage unit in Berlin? Mine had a headshok though. Been very tempted to go check that rigid one out, I had a small with a headshok and a medium rigid stolen in 2009 if I remember correctly I stuffed my info in a ziplock bag down the seat tube

  • Hey you are perfectly right!

    I knew the larger one with headshok seemed familar :-)

    But it was just until a few weeks ago when i entered the 26“ mtb game haha

    I might look at your awesome stuff different today I bet

  • Readers wife

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  • Bit late but I got this one from CPH and it is far more pleasing than the Racewear it is replacing - not least it has some angle adjust on it. Shipping quick and painless to the UK.­o-mount

  • I've a CAAD 12 and would like to change the outer 52T chainring to something lower. I'm not a big gear grinder.
    Does anybody know the bcd? I don't trust myself to measure it properly!

  • Er depends on which crankset you have but if it's something reasonably modern it's very, very likely to be 110bcd unless it's something both modern and stupid. 48t imho is always a good one to go for.

  • What's the clearance on a CAAD5 Saeco with Theta brakes, anyone know?

  • Recently bought this 3.0 frameset from a nice chap on Retrobike. Quick build up followed by a couple of hundred shakedown miles, rides really well and easily fits 25c tyres.

    The paint was in pretty poor state (although very nice) and there was plenty of bubbling so I sent to a local place to be stripped and vapour blasted. Just got the pictures back and I think it looks amazing.

    Collecting this weekend and plan is to build up with a carbon Campagnolo group set.


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  • That looks like a factory finish, nice work. Are you going to add decals then clearcoat it? Carbon Campagnolo will look great on this.

    If you don't mind me asking how much did you pay for the Vapour blast work?

  • I still think about how I didn’t bid on this bike often, I’m glad to see it’s having a great life down in Brighton where I used to live until very recently. If you ever want to sell it…

  • Thanks, I’m very happy with it.

    I may get some decals but I’ll leave it bare and see how the finish holds up. I stripped a Cannondale MTB frame years ago and just went over it with a scothbrite pad every so often and it looked fine. I was planning on getting the forks powder coated metallic black but I’ll see what it’s like in the flesh.

    Vapour boating cost £70. I had a quote of £50 but it was from an alloy wheel place. The guy I used only does this and came very highly recommend, when I saw the standard of his work it was a no brainer who to use.

  • wow! looks incredible raw!!!

  • Thanks,

    I’ve got this beast of a frameset in the loft that will get similar treatment at some point.

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  • Cheers, I still can't believe how much this bike makes me smile, I sold a gravel bike that was worth 20x what I paid for this and the old silkroad is so much better, literally a bike with (almost) endless capabilities. I have a Chinese pair of carbon rims for smashing my way round Stanmer Park or up on the SDW and a new set of hollowgram carbon wheels for roadie rides. I can't ever see me selling it!

  • Maiden voyage today.

    Taken a while to make find one in my size in really good condition. Still need a few fitting tweaks, shorter stem, bars etc but overall really happy with it. Brakes are round the wrong way due to it being from the US however XD


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  • Can you tell what it is yet ???

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  • It's not the 84th number Black Lightning is it....

  • It bloody well is……and it’s all mine. 18 years of chasing.

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  • Collected and built up, look at those hand finished welds!

    Needs new cable and I still need to attach the middle cable guide. I’ll fit my Hope/open pro wheels with a 9 speed cassette and swap the shifter insert to match.

    I’ve got a pair gutted carbon brake levers that I’ll fit when I can face re-wrapping the bars again.

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  • Looks silky smooth!

    I’ve been considering to di this to a CAAD5/6/7 for a while but I haven’t seen a reasonable opportunity so far

    On that note: does anyone have a clue on what the lightest CAAD frameset was ? Or are they very similar?

    Many thanks

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Cannondale Aficionados / Owners

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