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  • Thanks all. I’m going to try and source a 26-er rear wheel. Clearance will be solved. It’s a frankenbiek. It will be fine.

  • My 1994 R900. Catalogue spec was Shimano 600 tricolor but I've gone with DA7403/7410. Period correct Zipp 440's (an option in the '94 Catalogue) for 'Sunday best' and an American classic/Bitex carbon wheelset for most of the time....

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  • Stunning. Do they lacquer the polished frame or is it some other treatment?

  • Thanks, it is 'raw' aluminium back in the mid 90s that how they left it and I guess it was of sufficient quality that it didn't need a coating, once every few months a quick polish and it's like chrome. Soon after I think I'm right in saying they were either lacquered or anodised for ease.

  • i really like the new synapses

  • that looks cool but why buy an endurance road bike and then run a negative stem angle?

  • You can race an endurance bike. Aerodynamics still exist.

  • I thought the whole point of buying endurance bikes with long headtubes was it allowed you to fit a slammed negative stem?

  • used to the reason pros did it was tire clearance and some sort of compliance (e.g. the roubaix for roubaix). he just does it because cannondale is his main sponsor and they have a new bike?

  • why buy an endurance road bike and then run a negative stem angle?

    To accommodate that big spacer stack

  • Ugly spacers = aerodynamics

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  • its not all geo though; compliance is (typically) different on endurance frames. i assume the same is said for synapse vs supersix

  • the reason pros did it was that endurance bikes are sold to MAMILS who need massive headtubes to be comfortable for 60km round Kent. Pros only use the bikes for P-R and so aren't going to get custom moulds, therefore they need to use negative stems

  • Huge headtube, spacers and a positive rise stem! I was a mamil before it was cool

    Small chainring too... fml

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  • MAMIGL. (middle aged men in gravel lycra).. bibs with pockets and insulated gilets kind of thing

  • A custom geometry 58x54 Synapse was made for Sagan. I believe his SuperSix frames were also custom geo.

  • Nothing wrong with that with a horizontal TT. That’s just making yourself comfortable.

    Small chainring is unforgivable tho when you’ve gone to the effort of putting your cranks in the right position.

  • Small chainring too

    Smaller cassette though - do they even sell sub 30t cassettes these days anymore?

  • It was only a 5 degree stem, but I flipped it up on a timed lap and it was faster, so I stuck with it

    No idea how I missed the ring

  • 53/39 and a 12-25 cassette doing laps up Mott Street seems like a very long time ago

  • Sagan won Gent-Wevelgem on his Synapse.

  • Seems like you discovered the high-hands position before Ganna. Kudos.

  • There's always an exception to the rule! Looks like his team mates weren't afforded the same luxury judging by that pic

  • I believe Sagan is the only pro that has had custom geo frames made for him.

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Cannondale Aficionados / Owners

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