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  • @CornwallJon I absolutely love it. Bought the frameset in 2016 (it is a 2014 model) and until now saw no real reason to change (other than disks for some mountain rides and not totally loving the paint job). Fits me perfectly and got down to something like 6.1kg without too much effort (even with the 3D system). It's incredibly comfortable and responsive - a joy to ride really.

    I had actually planned to get Kustomflow to respray it this summer to see off any temptation to buy something else, but I need to get something else sorted for some races asap until I can get back to the UK to get it fixed (and resprayed). This is how I'm riding it currently (ignore the saddle angle please!):

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  • are you in Vatican or Jersey ?

  • looks like a Triban

    I can’t unsee this now.

  • Neither unfortunately. Much warmer here...

    Just a thought. I'm assuming that due to the cable routing, mechanical disks wouldn't be possible/advisable on the 2021 Supersix?

    I ask because I'm quite happy with my Red rim GS, and Juin Tech seems to work well on my gravel bike. Product availability and cost is a little prohibitive at the moment...

  • Having recently rebuilt my 2121 SS (with hydro) I can't think of a reason why mechanical disks wouldn't work, the frame is quite spacious inside and there aren't any sharp bends IIRC. The good thing about the new SS is that all the cables/lines pass through a big hole in the front of the headtube, its an easier and more flexible design than other brands who pass the cables/lines tightly through the headset.

    However I imagine you'd need to use a traditional bar/stem and not the fancy integrated one with cable disks/mechanical gears.

  • Great, thanks. That should save me a decent amount of money to begin with!

  • Would anyone be able to let me know the largest tyre they've managed to fit on a caad12 disk? Cheers!

  • 28 it's the absolute maximum you want to run. If your wheels aren't arrow true or your wheels flex - as mine did, 100KG rider putting out megawattz - I'd be tempted by narrower still.

    I had minor rubbing on both my 12 Discs I owned. The worst was actually a chip and spray incident (damn you Dorset council!) but you get the picture. 28s or less!

  • I've only ever run 28s, I'd possibly squeeze a 29/30 but then I'm a spritely wee lad

  • I did squeeze 30mm tubeless Schwalbe One’s on a Hunt Carbon 30 wheelset


    @marky_marksafc is your guy if you want one of these beauties! Price seems reasonable too for the last aesthetically pleasing CAAD frame. (RIP CAAD)

  • @yeahdext @PhilDAS @duncs Think I'll pick up some 28's in that case- ta very much for the advice

  • i would add that having had a caad12 disc briefly and caad 12 rim for a long time, the bb area is exactly the same, so 28 sounds about right to me

  • Uh I'm so filthy. I need to be stopped

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  • I don't think that's bad enough for Matthew to build you a new bike

  • Well I haven't cleaned it since the photo was taken so it's only going to get worse.

  • Good job your new Ti MAMIL wagon has mudguard mounts

  • I actually still love this bike though. I really regretted getting rid of Neil's old caad12 and since the incoming titanium bike will probably take over main road duty from this, I'm wondering what to do with it so I don't have to sell it.
    I might just get some deeper wheels, 1x it and use it for weekday morning laps which throughout spring and summer is at least twice a week

  • MAMIL pffft pls. It has a 140mm headtube

  • It has a 140mm headtube

    Got a drawing?

    Maybe in the appropriate thread

  • Called out on my bluff. Fine it's 145mm

  • Fine it's 145mm

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  • Slammed 17 degree stem...


  • This is really cool. I'm considering doing something similar with an old SuperSix I broke the DS dropout on (if I can get it fixed cheaply enough). I'm not sure I can ever trust it shifting under load again, but I reckon it could work as a bling beater.

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Cannondale Aficionados / Owners

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