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  • Item 255242849671 if anyone is interested

  • It says it’s an issue with the stop pin, which could also have implications in the frame, where the stop pin runs. Look up some recent videos on Luescher Teknik’s YouTube for more info on this fault.

  • That’s not good, thanks for the heads up. Over rotation of the bars must be pretty common, not sure I’d risk any second hand if it can kill frame and fork.

    And the rim brake version isn’t even integrated cables, so what’s the point!

  • Yeah, it’s not a good design. So many problems with this current generation of integrated road frames.

  • Wow, yes DO NOT BUY. The frame will be toast. It wont be safe to ride, Cdale wont replace and you can't sell it. Seller trying to flip a 'stop ride' bike for £800, lol.

  • Haha glad I asked. Must have been quite a big hit to have broken that pin too.

    Reading elsewhere (weight weenies), seems new frames come with some metal tabs at the limits, so at least the metal pin on the fork isn’t just mashing against carbon now.

  • Yep, it was a barmy design. This one is badly smashed but the early new Evos crack with just normal careful use.

    Mine had been mothered but you can’t stop the fork pin from slowly working it’s way through the headtube cracking it eventually.

    TBF as an OG #buyer Cdale swapped my frame for a new one with metal reinforcements but honestly that design should never have left the drawing board.

  • Can anyone tell me if this same fault is present in the previous-series SuperSix Evo? It will spare me the need to rummage through Luescher Teknik’s dull vids.

  • No.

  • what's the best tape to match a mid 2000s liquigas paint scheme?

    edit: specifically looking to match the green.

  • Colour matched tape very rarely looks as good in practise as it did in your head :)

  • i've seen colour matched liquigass tape on the supersix that looked pretty spot on, none of the distributors seem to have it anymore. I'm thinking that it may have been the same as fizik apple green.

  • The team rode with white. I'd still stick to white or black. It lets the colours of the frame stand out, otherwise it gets too busy

  • Black is the correct answer but if you want to do the working maybe this is what you’re after:­dale-microfibre-premium-handlebar-tape-g­reen-p237218

  • Hi all,
    I ride a Caad 10 with a triple chainring crank. My setup is a 2x setup though (I'm using only the two big gears). The reason behind this is that I had already bought a Shimano 105 R7000 groupset before I bought the frame second hand.
    So, I need a new 2x crank because the way I have it set up now the chain rubs the front derailleur in certain gears.
    I am however torn on what crankset to buy. The Caad10 of course has a BB30 bottom bracket. I find it hard to find BB30 cranks at a reasonable price (€250 absolute max).
    There are some SRAM and FSA cranks for that price, but I'm wondering if I maybe should buy the Rotor BB30 to 24 adaptor, which gives me way more crank options.
    Also, I really dislike the look of the FSA cranks.

    I'd be interested in your input

  • yes, you should buy a bb30 adaptor and put some shimano or sram cranks.
    Don't get a cannondale Si bb30 crankset.

  • The only correct answer is a SI crankset, you should be able to find them for less than €250 secondhand. here and here
    If you do decide to go for SI cranks, I have a set of BB30 bearings, circlips and shims sitting in my parts bin you can have for shipping. (suggesting you are stating euro prices, it will not be too far from me)

  • Strong money for a pre-owned Si crankset surely?

  • Anyone know if this is genuine?

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  • ^ negative

  • I’m building up my supersix evo 1X and want to remove the front mech hanger because every gram counts!
    Does anyone have any suggestions for an elegant solution to cover the bolt holes?

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Cannondale Aficionados / Owners

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