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  • well i am averaging from what i have seen and heard. no doubt that there was better or worse. the hi-mod buyer is easy prey ;)

  • I’m suddenly really into FSA componentry.

  • But how does the sizing work on these...the 52cm frameset has a 56cm seat-tube (mind blown)

  • This is my one out in the wild

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  • True, they seem a bit overpriced generally :-(

  • I would still like a Slate, although I think they may be slightly old hat these days. Cant beat a Lefty for cool though.

    I could never work out what size needed- 56cm would be what, a Large?

  • Yeah I’d agree on both counts. I’d have thought you’d be a large. I’m half keeping an eye out for an XL and ride a 58/60

  • My brother's got one in Large that I ride when I'm back home and the sizing is spot on for me. I'm not as tall as you (1.8m) although I'm happy with a 56 TT.
    If your saddle height is around the 80cm mark that's going to be a lot of seatpost showing.

  • very pleasing

  • 82 from centre bb to top of saddle IIRC (SMP)

  • There's one up on ebay at the moment...

  • I think the price varies on the sizes.. 50 and 60 are in a different market from 54/56. But agree 1k is not a bargain

  • if anyone has one of the last generation of trad supersix's with disc brakes in a 58 - let me know.

  • Not a bargain but good value if condition is good and you don’t appreciate the way the latest phase of bike design has gone.

    I do think Cannondale will release something similar to the previous Supersix to compete with the Aethos. But it’ll probably be disc only, thru axles front and rear and get rid of some of the hangovers like the rear brake bridge. It’ll be nice, if it happens.


    Somebody buy this ENVE and Cannondale 25.4 Save Post and keep it in this thread.

    Not mine btw.

  • i'm tempted by the seatpost.....

  • You cannot split up the twins!

  • Stem and seatpost forsale in classifieds

    Full bike 7.05kg not forsale

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  • That is absolutely lovely! Would love one of those frames

  • Belongs in HHSRB.

  • Too sensible for HHSRH. lights, GP5000s, sub-deep rims, common gearing,...

  • Out of interest - the recently ‘old’ generation of the supersix (e.g 2018-2019) - does anyone know what the actual weight difference would be between a hi-mod and non hi-mod rim brake would be? I think (from memory) the non-hid mod was still pretty decent.

    I’m only asking because I’ve got a 2012 ‘normal’ supersix and there’s quite a few of the newer style around on eBay, but tempted by a hi-mod option but they are quite a lot pricier. Basically I think the main benefits to swapping for either version would be

    1. Lighter (the old supersix frame set is just over 1kg, the fork 450g)
    2. Hopefully more comfortable (the old frame set is very stiff and has a 31.6 seatpost)
    3. Fractionally better tyre clearance! I only want to be able to fit 28mm tyres without fear

  • I have a non HM 2019. I think the fork weight is the same between HM and non, but the frame weight goes from high 700gs to high 900gs. But sub 1kg for a frame is not bad. This is from memory.

    Reviewers commented on the comfort upgrade a lot: 25.4 save seatpost contributes a lot to that. And the tyre clearance is easily 28mm, it may take 30c without mudguards.

  • anyone who's got one of those disc supersixes have any reviews/ thoughts on them? I'm desperate to find one but want to check if any issues

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Cannondale Aficionados / Owners

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