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  • Neither can I justify spending 3-4k on something that won't be used to its full potential.

    Said no-one, ever.

    my cycling is light years away from being able to say that I need one

    Almost the entirety of the cycling industry market don't need high end race bikes but people still buy them in their thousands.

  • Surely common sense should dictate that If you dont like bikes with fully integrated cabling, you dont buy a bike with fully integrated cabling.

  • For me the issue of integrated cockpits is more about the crazy mimetism between brands.
    All brands raced to release something similar to all the others, with an overall lack of character, where some still had a bit of an edge. Maybe a couple of years will see come differenciation.
    as for future innovations, i believe they certainly won't come from shape, color and solidworks alone.

  • Heh, you don’t realise you do not like integrated cabling until you are standing in your LBS clutching your new handlebars with the mechanic who is sucking through their teeth and about to utter ‘its gonna cost you’.

    But...Cannondale have always been a ‘get shit done at a dealer’ type of ride - being able to replace the bars without complete discombobulation has historically been more of a happy accident with them than design.

  • Hah. So sad and so true. I don't know why but I am checking the ads every now and then lol.

    The other thing is I just can't see myself selling my Saeco's anytime soon as I just can't see me doing so.
    I didn't spend years building them but some effort has been made finding various parts. Also considering they're built in quite a long run the financial impact isn't that bad.
    Anyhow this would have to happen if I was to buy a proper rocket of a bike, as it would make no sense at all to keep that much cash in bikes.
    Damn why this has to be so complicated?!

    P.s. am I trying to find an excuse for something here??? Haha

  • You are so spot on, this first paragraph was exactly my experience hahaha. Would rep

  • Marketing is a powerful thing.

  • But seriously how often do you change bars? Once you're happy with fit, with wireless and hydro it's fit and forget, once its set, it's all good.

    As stated, Cannondale's integrated solution is one of the best, all the wires go down a hole at the front of the frame, you don't need to take the stem off etc, its actually very simple.

  • All that high quality integration and it leaves the shop looking like this.

  • Sure thing. Once it’s set up it’s set up (in that situation.) Let’s not forget the everyman can not afford electronic groups.. and I would guess the people working on bikes themselves are doing it to save money in the first place.

    I’m not trying to steerer people away from this new tech - I myself have a integrated cabling set up and work on £10-15k bikes day in day out.. it pays my bills! I agree the Dale system is the best of a bad bunch (looking at you, Venge Vias). I would just err people to consider these things if you prefer to work on bikes yourself, whether or not it’s just to save money

  • Absolutely beautiful

  • Anyone got an idea where i can find this mudguard adaptor for the wishbone on those old cads?

    I have one on my own bike but need another one for my sister‘s

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  • I don't know what adapter you're referring to, but just drill the guard and use some spacers instead of an L-bracket?

  • I mean the attached monster

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  • This is looking good, many thanks (even though shipping to germany is a bit expensive but it seems to be the only item available online)

  • I’ve got a 25.4 cannondale save Seatpost I’d like to swap for a 27.2 if anyone is keen.

  • I spent ages looking for one of these. Gave up eventually, thanks for the link.

  • Caad 10, frame fork headset and BB adaptor.

    What's the going price?

    Has 10 speed ultegra but the drivetrain (cassette, chain, chainrings) will need replacing.

    I'm at the point of selling mine and want to price fairly, either as frame and forks or as complete but with caveats about groupset.

  • depends on color scheme, i would imagine 250 for frame, forks, bb and headset. if undented

  • I'll try and take some pics in the next day or so.

  • Uh oh

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Cannondale Aficionados / Owners

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