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  • Beautiful, thank you. I did search but either I've got weak googlefu or Ecosia is doing me dirty

  • I had it from a previous bike. No drama

  • Hi All, I have a 2015 superset evo HM.
    Love this frame, dislike the tyre clearance. I have a hankering for some deeper (35-50mm) wheels and it seems like most at the moment have super wide rims.

    I am wondering if anyone has any experience/recommendations for a reasonable priced (new or pref used) wheels set that don't have super wide rims. Will a wider rim definitely mean less clearance (with the same tyre)?Currently running hplus archetypes (23mm ext.) and 23mm Conti GP5k and that's about my max.

  • I have some of the older style Wheelsmith aero 38s, which are wide but not super wide. Can still only fit 23c Conti in back, or Veloflex 25c though

  • Some older Reynolds assault or Ritchey WCS apex wheels would probably fit, or possibly any carbon wheels from 6 or 7+ years ago. Keep your eye on ebay or put a wanted ad on here.

    Yes newer wide rims will definitely make the tyres fit wider so your choice is limited.

  • Thanks @TooTallTim @krankers - good advice, will do a wanted add!

  • Ah yes, I had Reynolds Assault SLG wheels on mine and they were fine too

  • Jumping on the I need a left crank arm bandwagon as well. 172.5 - will take hollowgram (si or sisl2) or a stages PM!

  • should make the tire less tall, so depends on where clearance is tightest. what about the hed jets with 23s? i am pretty sure you could find measured widths for various tires as the rim is the same as the very popular belgium+/ardennes

  • That's been relisted a couple of times so they'd prob take an offer.

  • Finally got round to fitting a new Farsports integrated barstem to my Supersix. Pretty happy.

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  • Nice, how much did that cost you? The cockpit

  • Not cheap by Chinese standards, but good in comparison to other integrated barstem solutions. The manufacturing quality seems really good. About £270 including shipping and taxes.

  • That looks good. I finally managed to find a KNOT handlebar/stem in my size for my supersix, but didn't realise that fitting it would involve near enough stripping the bike back to the frame. So will probably avoid that job until the spring.

    Also got some Lightbicycle 45mm clinchers to fit when the time's right, excited to see what it rides like after those upgrades.

  • Cool cheers. I saw it get good reviews on weight weenies a while back when searching for bars with internal cabling

  • Yeah, it’s been well reviewed, cheaper and 300 grams lighter than the Cannondale barstem.

    @KarlMarx yeah, it was a big job to change. I think 45mm wheels would be the sweet spot, my stock 34 Knots are just a bit shallow.

  • Nice, it looks sweet.

    When I eventually switch out the bars to the new set I was thinking/hoping I could upgrade from the current 105 to either Ultegra di2 or etap, how do you find the force hydro brakes out of interest? I have predominantly used and prefer SRAM groupsets in the past, but have a Rival Hydro groupset on another bike and the brakes are pretty shit. Have heard mixed things on SRAM hydro setups generally. Do prefer the idea of a completely wireless system though.

  • so many spacers! slam that stem!

  • is £195 reasonable for a set of SISLs? 172.5 length, 110 spider with 50/34 mkV rings, axle, spacers - the whole lot. will install a brand new lockring as the original one snapped. has some scuffs from use, but the chainrings are good.

  • I find them quite pricey, think those are gen1 which had some issues, but can't remember what. :)

    Prices usually float around €200 for previous generation (with the older logo) complete with spiderrings and axle. So £195 sounds steep. Ideally you would need to know is the axle is still ok. If the lot has been torqued correctly and well maintained, everything should be fine.

    I wouldn't pay more than €150 for those, which would still be generous imho.

  • that supersix above... such a half-baked design, it could be anything from a focus to a wilier. a couple more genrations of disc + integrated routing and brands might find their way.

  • I hope they bring back the previous supersix platform as a home-serviceable, practical carbon bike. Kind of Aethos like. I managed to pick up a 2019 supersix (last gen) and am not feeling any pull towards the new proprietary, integrated everything.

  • Hi,

    I really like cannondale bikes, and thinking on buying this one,
    Is a XR800, that was changed for a "commuting" bike.
    As far as i was able to find, the fork is not original

    My idea was to take the "groupset", put a shimano r7000 that i have in the spare box, ritchey venturemax dropbar, add some 40c tyre (i think this is the max i can go).

    Ideal is find a fork like the one here:

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Cannondale Aficionados / Owners

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