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  • Truth, had my 07 systemsix down to 6.9kg.

  • i'm glad it's not a 54...

  • red 22 one, thinking it would fit

    The ones that come with a banjo fixed at the lever end? You could just cut that off, shouldn’t need a whole new hose set

  • Yeah. The banjo is the old kind though so the banjo bolt for the red Etap (monoblock) caliper doesn't actually fit through, even on the end where you can attach the banjo yourself. New version seems to be slightly different design and non user serviceable (the stealthamajig version), unless I'm missing something.

    Bought the second one but should have bought the first.

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  • Thanks @Howard, if anyone wants a new and unused (above picture was from the internet, not actual axle) 125mm axle, let me know.

  • Hi Guys,

    I have a Caad10 2013, need to change the seatclamp. On "official sources", it says 30.9mm… Which is pretty uncommon…
    Has anyone tried it with 31.8mm which is actually possible to find ?

    For this one ;)

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  • Nice to have my old Capo back.

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  • Is there any reason you can’t replace it with another Cannondale one? I imagine Triton or Cannondale Spares will have one.

    There are some lightweight affordable options as well in MT Zoom and Yuniper that I think come in the 30.9 size.

  • No idea on clamp, but nice bike.

  • Yeah I wanted to use those holograms you kindly gave the spider for. I was thinking of using the hope 30mm BSA BB with them

  • @vneilv : thanks for the refs. I'll check, but so far I only found 30mm or 31.8mm.
    There's only one on CannondaleSpares but doesn't look great. I might go for it if I can't find anything else.

    Thanks @greeno & @Glws !

  • I was thinking of using the hope 30mm BSA BB with them

    You'll have to find an axle with the bearing flats in the right place. It's been a while since I've looked in to this but I suspect the closest you'd get is the axle for the fatbike. They did a tandem axle years ago that worked with BSA68mm.

    Might also be worth trying @gav 's 'wonky cross bike' axle but I suspect the bearing flats won't align.

    Or maybe this one?

    Fuck knows, basically, unless you can get specs on where the bearing flats are.

  • Thanks maybe one of those raceface cinch? I should probably just sell them

  • Ah yeah. Maybe. I’ve never used them. Think @Emyr did at one point.

  • I looked up the measurements for as many correctly-splined spindles as I could find but I wasn't paying any attention to the bearing surfaces. There's a thread here somewhere...

    I'm running the FatCAAD 1x 160mm spindle and spacers in a 100mm BSA shell. I'm assuming the bearings end up in the same place.

    Don't use RaceFace BSA30 unless you only ride in the dry.

  • RaceFace BSA30 unless you only ride in the dry.

    The axel though not the BB

  • Hello everyone I'm thinking about changing the crankset and bottom bracket on my 2020 Supersix. Initially, I thought about spider powermeter, but I didn't find anything other than power2max and SRM on Hollowgram SISL's. What are the recommendations for replacing Cannondale One cranks? Who has already changed it and what do you recommend? Thanks

  • Remember snapping mine the day before going on a week’s trip to Mallorca. LBS only had a non-30.9. Worked fine for the week.

    Then I ordered one from­ale-CAAD10--Slate--Optimo-Seatpost-Clamp­--KP159/product_detail/3-39640

  • Thanks @Thomas_M & @Knowone.

    I tried a light one from MT Zoom. We'll see when it gets here how it fits. I'll make a report.
    9g. ;)

  • 😬

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  • not another purple !

  • Folks I’ve just swapped out my offset Cannondale Knot SL 27 carbon seatpost for an inline one to suit my bike fit.

    Ergo I have a spare offset carbon cannondale seatpost - drop me a PM if interested. Brand new they’re £130 but I’m happy to accept offers around £100.

  • I need a less flaccid tool roll.

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Cannondale Aficionados / Owners

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