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  • A+++ would bang

  • Ditto. But only after a respray and a change of bar tape.

  • It’s great the Palace bike seems to be making people vocalise both love and hate for it..... That’s the whole point! If you’re not splitting opinions, and starting a discussion, then what’s the point.

    Nobody remembers the things that everybody thought was ‘ok’.

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  • Nice as well to see some bikes that aren't just a plain solid colour or just black.

    Would have been cool to see the riders stickerbomb their own frames. Have them all be different and see what they'd do.

  • I don't think the SystemSix suits the paint scheme, but I'd love this SuperSix.

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  • Buying a pre-stickered bike is as cool as wearing tattoo sleeves

  • I think you’ll find the person riding that bike may have painted it.

  • Tempted to get a quote from Colourburn to update my SS

  • Not doing custom work any longer

  • The price of success I guess

  • greeno

    Welcome to the cluuub!

  • Not finished but running again. Best £200 I have ever spent . Glad to be riding Cannondale again. ( I think my last one is on page 6 of this thread )

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  • Good to see this IRL at the Rapha shop. Kudos @hoops

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  • I’m putting my 2020 Force AXS supersix on a diet. 8.3kgs stock!

    Best place to start? Stock bar/stem is mega heavy, so want to change to some integrated carbon thing but few options in stock anywhere?

    Also apparently the biggest weight difference between force/red is in the cranks c.200g. Can you buy red cranks on their own, easy to swap out?

    Also thinking about swapping the rotors from stock centrelock sram Avid 160mm to Centreline X with the cool black carriers - either all 160, or 160 front and downsize to 140 at the back to save a few grams.

    Is there any point in this exercise? How hard would it be to change the rear down to 140?

  • Best place to start?


    easy to swap out?

    should be but its BB30a(?) so approach with caution

    Light weight rotors are a stupid idea; non matching (shimano on sram) even more so.

    8.3kg isnt bad for a disc bike tbh

  • SRAM DUB will be one 8mm bolt tightened to 30Nm

  • Enve SES 2.0 wheels are nice and light, whatever SiSL number we're on now, put some titanium axles in your speed plays, one of those carbon SMP "homage" saddles from Ali-Express, a hollow bushed chain, Enve seat post is quite good but doubtless there are lighter, and then stem and bars have to match the seat post so that'll define where you go there. Boutique carbon bottle cages that will break at an inconvenient moment and you're getting there.

  • This chat needs @Dick

  • And some THM Fibula brakes

    Edit - Disc fail

  • Thanks, if I can break down into the 7 kilos ‘bracket’ I think I’d be happy. Mental to invest in a new road bike for it to be heavier than your last (DISKS).

    Wheels would be on the list but stock are Hollowgram 35s - which on paper seem fairly competitive? 1600gish?

  • Yeah I mean...

    Saddle - Go for something from Tune to add proper comfort and shave off serious grams

    Wheels: there’s honestly no point in buying anything other than Lighbicycle rims/ wheelbuilds, as they’ll save you about 2/3 of an OTP Wheelset that costs £3k+ and has hugely questionable QC (be VERY worried when any brand releases a statement such as “don’t use cotton sidewall tyres”)

    SISL2 cranks are beautiful and super light - go for an older set, with a 10 arm spider ring.

    Don’t buy an integrated cockpit, as you hugely sacrifice adjustability - but something from Extralite, Darimo or MCFK and Pro Superlight bars - super stiff super light and still super robust.

    My one single suggestion over and above anything would be just to ditch SRAM and go for Dura Ace....

    Do you like AXS?

  • And I’m literally only just getting started

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Cannondale Aficionados / Owners

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