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  • Sell it to me if too small for you.. thanks

  • Mudguard mounts make the caad13 so much more appealing.

    What will it take with guards if it fits 30mm tyres without?

  • you could probably make it work with 30s and guards. You can fit a 32c in a 13

  • Thanks for offer, already have the ugly c2 carbon and specifically after one of these as want matchy matchy with the bars I picked up.

    People are bonkers on eBay;

    1. Buy new and from retailer for £109 with warranty etc.
    2. Buy off a random without warranty for £115

    I know which I'll be buying unless I can fine one for a decent price 2nd hand. Bought one for my original brand new for £40 - kicking myself for letting that go with my old bike.

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  • Happy to report that the tiny bike is very comfortable.

    Next steps, get rid of those spacers and fit Sram Red 10.

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  • You should be riding a 56

  • CAAD13 sizing... Still on the large side?

    I had a CAAD12 54 but sized down to a 52 which fit better. Am 5'10 but short legs.

    The 13's go as a 51 and 54. Similar stack and reach but the bikes slightly longer, and obv the look is pretty different.

    I expect I could make either fit fine. Still better to pick the smaller if you're on the fence?

    Anyone else owned a 10 or 12, then a 13 and can opine?

  • I haven't, but it's more rad to have seatpost and long stem right?

    In other caad 10 related news, dt 460 and challenge Roubaix (27 mm) appear to fit.

  • Shots fired...

  • Are the Roubaix true to size? how much clearance? I've been on the lookout for a 10 as a potential replacement for my 9 but don't want to factor in new tyres as I'm on 28's.

  • the 12 clears 28 though ;)

  • the 12 clears 28 though ;)

    The 12 clears 30’s

  • Yeah, I keep coming back to the 12 but in the spirit of the forum I'm building a bike around a seatpost and it's 27.2.

    TBH if either came up at the right price in my size (54) I'd be interested.

  • rim brake ? i guess it will depend on you calipers. with dura ace 9000s on mine, it's 28

  • Ah. Disc brake CAAD12, fair point

  • If I were to buy a CAAD12 (rim) frame, what would I need to watch out for when swapping bits over from my CAAD10?

  • It's bb30A instead of bb30, so potential BB adjustements with spacers or different adapter for other cranks

  • also a 25.4 seatpost, as opposed to a 27.2

  • As other have said BB and seatpost, I believe the internal routing can be tricky but that may just be on the disc models.

    If by any chance your 10 is a 54 potential dibs if you swap!

  • yes, more difficult on caad12 discs where the rear hydro hose needs to perform a strong bend ariund the bb axle and be zip-tied not to touch it. In a rim version, routing is on a par with any frame with internal routing

  • Anyone insterested in C-bear Ceramic Bottom Bracket PF30A-86 R. PF30A

    For crankset: Rotor 3D+, 3DF, Rex 1, Rex 2, Aldhu/Vegast, INpower and THM clavicula
    Fits Cannondale: SuperSix EVO 2016, Slice 2015 onwards, Super X 2019, SystemSix 2019

    Had it on cannondale before I split it. Bought new and did 800 miles max so in good nick.

  • Thanks for the CAAD12 advices @Glws and @rob_g_clarkson.

    @Jono84 it's a 58cm with a trademark-CAAD dinged top tube, don't think that's on anyone's wishlist.

  • Got the heads up from my mate that his neighbour was looking to sell his “old Cannondale” as it was too racy for him. Turns out it was purchased, ridden a couple of times and then put away. Picked up for beer money, I wish I had taken a pic of it when I got it. Came with gel saddle slammed, positive rise stem, mad ergo bars etc. A deep clean revealed a totally mint bike, I am so temped to fire a modern groupset on it, but it would be a shame to not use the original basically unused kit for a while at least.

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  • Those the condor stainless cages? Bike is nice !

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Cannondale Aficionados / Owners

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