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  • The optimo.
    I'm getting old right?

  • looks to be a new-old-stock systemsix frame, 60cm

  • That guy has been selling loads of large NOS stuff for years, but it's always the same stuff, so I wonder if he ever actually sells it. He doesn't seem to realise he's flogging stuff that's just old bike kit at prices nobody should pay.

  • Both look like the cop-out BSA version

    Edit first is at least BB30

  • Hopefully he crops up with another NOS purple caad12 rim brake in 60 like a few pages ago..

  • @Howard I’m having trouble figuring out how to take a left fork off, it’s a first generation, looks like the bottom cradle/bit is attached to the steerer tube. I am right in thinking that I’ll need to take off the top cradle and the fork will slide down to come off with the steerer still attached? It’s a bike from 2000 if you zoom in you can see the little silver rivet on the bottom cradle

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  • Yeah I think you undo the bolts on the lefty side, slide the lefty out and away, then undo the top clamp on the steerer side, then hammer out the steerer and lower clamp.

  • Thanks lad, I’ll give it a try today

  • Almost done building up my CAAD9. I have the rest of the 11sp group but the 9sp is so good for now that o am going to hold off for a while longer

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  • The time has come to finally take the plunge on a CAAD I think. Ideally looking for a 12 frameset in 58cm, preferably disc. But they seem hard to come by.

    (Very) slowly warming to the idea of a 13. Does anyone know if you can fit the 'knot' aero stem and the save aerobar that's an option on the latest Supersix to the CAAD? I find the point at which the stem meets the headtube on the 13 particularly minging

  • you can yup. To be honest the 13 in person is actually a very nice bike and a perfect british bike. I think i prefer it over the 12. The 12 also has such shit internal routing

  • Lovely, dug around a bit and saw that was possible. I think those stem/bar combinations are a really cool idea. Integrated/aero look with a bit more flexibility on the sizing etc.

    Its swaying me as I'd imagine you could get quite fat rubber in disc 13 if you wanted, gives a variety of options. Thinking potentially buy frameset and get a custom paint scheme... The paint jobs on all of the 13's are absolutely turd.

    So next question would be Force eTap Hydro or Di2... The former is spenny

  • a perfect british bike.

    but it has BB30?!?

  • ooft lets see more photos of that military machine! What is it? Some humvee type thing?

    nice bike too

  • yeah, which is fine. I had a BB30 cross bike for years with no creaks

  • great typo

  • Are the horror stories of creaky BB's still very much a thing then? Never used BB30.

  • Anyone selling a CAAD 5-12 frameset in 52cm?

  • Can be if they're fitted poorly. Threaded versions eliminate the problem entirely.

  • Probably. I didn't have a problem with my old CAAD12 (BB30a) nor my current that has a threaded Token afair. 🤷🏻♂️

  • Only a couple hours later and I'm the proud owner of a tiny Supersix. 130mm stem should arrive tomorrow and I can test if it really is too small for me.

    If it rides ok I'll fit Sram Red 10 speed and Thomson finishing kit.

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  • Anybody have a Cannondale 25.4 Save post they're willing to part with?
    Not having much luck on eBay / £££.

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  • I have a 25.4 Thomson which will stay in my parts box for the rest of time unless you happen to want it?

  • Picked this up on Friday and went for a first ride yesterday, great bike!

    Thinking about wheels upgrade and if anyone has recommendations of lighter wheels than doesn't cost the earth it will be great.

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Cannondale Aficionados / Owners

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