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  • That's awesome.

    In related news. I'm now quite happy riding my slightly skewif, brazed in a repair stand, home made frame and so my 2008 Liquigas Supersix will be going up for sale.

    Which should make room for my planned fancy steel home made road bike

  • I could also let my red 54cm Capo go if anyone was particularly interested

  • The forks on it here didn't work so would come with original fork

    I also have a brand new undrilled, uncut Alpina fork that was intended for it.

    Build if anyone was interested in the whole lot is
    Easton rims Novatech hubs. Don't think they were ever ridden
    Miche Pistard Air with Rotor 49t track chainring
    New Izumi chain
    Zipp SL stem 120mm
    Enve carbon low rise bar
    Random carbon seatpost and saddle that came on it.

    Previous owner has done god knows what to the underside of the downtube, sanded it back and got some black shit on it, dunno. But there's no dents, only paint scratches etc

  • That didnt last long. I'll take the risers :)

  • I just said I could let it go :)
    I haven't even ridden it yet. Brand new chain and everything.

    I'd probably keep the risers. They were only something like 30 quid from our Howard so no incentive to sell

  • They were only something like 30 quid

    Yeah this is why I wanted haha. But fair enough. You should keep it and put my Macks on it

  • Last time I rode fixed my knees hurt so I don't exactly know why I'm bothering to be honest

  • You have to look after your joints when you get to my age

  • might be interested in the whole thing bar the frame, jono's 56 or another might be more appropriate for me

  • Sozzer, just sold my 56! I know you weren't overly keen on the red but it built up surprisingly classy, Alpina forks would/d0 really pull it together (pic of mine coming soon).

    Phil's looks like a really good base and at least you wouldn't feel bad if you wanted to take the paint stripper to it.

  • On the plus side, the frameset, seatpost and saddle only owes my £170
    On the downside, it probably needs new headset bearings but FSA jobbies are only a few quid

  • how much would it be for frame+orig forks(drilled?)+wheels+chain+rotor chainring(144bcd?)+stem. pm me it'll be easier

  • no worries i was to&froing and thats never a good sign

  • No problem, have PM'd you

  • Went to the Muur (and the Bosberg and then back to Ghent) yesterday on a 110k trip and really happy about the Supersix.

    White bikes are shit to keep clean so it seems...

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  • Wish I had the Muur and Bosberg within 110 k, also this picture makes envious about how nice this time of year is around your lateral

  • It’s actually the route to and from that are really nice. :)
    Weather over here has been exceptional last couple days, it deed go below zero last light which fucked our magnolia.

  • @Tijs - any chance you could blacken the withe text on the frame? i think it would look real good with just the red outlines..

  • Got an any bigger picture? Can't even see the red outline.

  • This looks great on the shallow rims. Are they tb14s?

  • unfortunately not.. i pulled this from the previous page - maybe @themidge has one?

  • This looks great on the shallow rims. Are they tb14s?

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Cannondale Aficionados / Owners

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