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  • Thats an all timer, long been my fave version of the CAAD5 USA

  • Need some cranks and then I can ride this. It’s a 54cm so I doubt I’ll keep it long. I’d want a 56

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  • If anyone wants a pair of those Cosmics I have some I'm looking to shift.

  • Would be looking for £700 for them. 11 speed clincher rim brake etc.

  • Dibs wheels for my Capo :)

  • I think you are spot on with those suggestions, and they match my ultimate idea for the bike. I’m notoriously reluctant to spend money, so I tend to upgrade when parts show up at an enormous discount, or gifted to me. Short term changes will include black bar tape to replace the re-wrapped stuff on there now, and gumwall tires(I’m really quite fond of Panaracer, so maybe the 26mm gravel king for a bit of protection).

    Steerer was cut when I got it. I think I could get away with a 0 degree stem, but the rise on this one is good for now until I can replace it with a shiny one to match the post.

    Regardless, this will be a fun project to work on, and ride of course.

  • Might be interested if you looking to let it go.
    (not right now though, need to finish the Supersix first)

  • Fan of Gravel Kings on CAAD's, went touring on mine. If you want the extra plushness 28c GK's should fit as below. I've since invested in a better, wider wheelset with 28c Corsa's and they're lovely, i'll grab a pic when i can

  • 28mm would be wonderful if they fit. Thanks for the hint that they might.

  • @dadbike 28mm Conti 4seasons fit on my saeco CAAD5 with ample room (even for dirt roads and hard cornering) in every direction but the rear brake stay. They will rub there if inflated above 90psi . I ride them at way lower pressures so it doesnt matter for me.

  • Thanks. That was the spot that worried me. I tend to ride 28mm tires around 80psi so should be good there.

  • picked new(to me) frame today :D

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  • S6 with a synapse fork?

  • Yes....on the lookout for s6 fork now ;)

  • Selling this frame/fork/seat post if anyone is interested, before I do a proper sale thread, it's a 58 & done 320 miles, it's just too big for me 😞, not even registered the warranty yet...

  • Fitted 50mm carbon handbuilt wheels by ZED wheels onto the CAAD10
    Fancy a nice Enve stem and handlebar combo too but bloody hell its expensive stuff

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  • Gonna pick this up some time soon (sellers pic)

    Apart from replacing tyres, saddle and bartape i will replace the cockpit.

    Any nice suggestions for a black -10/-12 degree / 100-110 mm quill stem plus compact bars?

    I am not yet sure if i shall go for glossy or matte black parts (and, in the long run, wheels)

    Happy to listen to your ideas

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  • Frame seems a bit modern for a quill.

  • Ehm, there‘s a quill (and not an ahead) already mounted or am i missing something?

    Edit: i.e. i have no choice (as i am not in a mood to replace the fork)

  • Yeh I’m wondering what it’s doing there. Maybe it is that old / esoteric

  • Yeah, it is that old.

    Black and gold is rad, gumwalls will look good, makes me miss my caad3 that was stolen...

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  • I think it's just a Caad3 from the early 90's. Not seen one in that paint job but it doesn't have the lugs on the head tube like the later Cadd5's do with their a-head stems.­05/2959159258

  • KMC gold chain.
    Nitto M109 handlebars and Pearl stem, both available in black.

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Cannondale Aficionados / Owners

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