Cycling with cancer

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  • hi folks
    anyone got experience of cycling post major surgery and cancer operations,
    just a week past a major op myself and wondering about riding again sometime.
    physiotherapist at hospital said exercise bike is good so as i have one i shall start on that gently in another week.

    mikey wikey

  • You having any post-op treatment. Radiotherapy can make cycling (and most exercise) fairly gruelling.

  • Totally depends on what the op was, and what your post-op treatment is like, as Ronnie said.

    I could hardly walk for about 2 weeks after an orchidectomy, so cycling wasn't exactly going to be fun...

  • thanks for replies, i had radio and chemo in december and january didnt tire me too much and few side effects. i had the bowel cancer op last week, - a big op. came out of surgery exactly a week ago 7 pm thursday. first 2 days rough but went home monday 4pm.
    hoping to get on mountain bike in a few weeks, just going to stick to exercise bike to start with but not for another week yet. i shall start that if docs says ok

  • Fuck.

    I have no advice to give whatsoever but, as somebody who nursed his mum through terminal cancer, I wish you (and Mechmorgan) all the best and a full recovery.

  • I know a little bit about it. I was given about six months to live in 2009, but decided to put it off for a bit as I've got quite a lot to do on the house. I cycled all through chemo, and JOGLE'd it a month after finishing my treatment.

    Probably wouldn't do that again though...

    PM me if you fancy an off-road pootle...

  • hi bullheart , i am 63 and in the peak district, wont be ready for a bike ride on mountain bike for 2 or 3 months i think, if you are nearby and not too young and fast for me let me know

  • Bad Science has joined the gang. After many prods and pokes and scans, I was finally diagnosed today with throat cancer.

    It's going to be fucking grim. Because of where the tumour is, they aren't going to operate, as they would have to remove my tongue and most of my lower jaw. They are going in "aggressively" with chemo and radiotherapy, which might make all my teeth fall out...

    Fairly shite, but I'm indestructible. I've been in two wars (Iraq and Afghan), I've done the Marathon des Sables and I've written off a motorbike down Old Street. I even finished a half marathon on a broken ankle, for fuck's sake.

    Bring it on.

  • A few of my family and close friends have been through chemo treatments. Nasty stuff. Keep healthy, stay strong.

  • ^^hope it all goes well.

  • PM'd

  • hi Bad-science , hopefully the chemo and radio will do the job and get things under control and give you more options for more treatment etc .

    when i was diagnosed nearly 3 years ago i was told the colon tumour was so large that they could not operate safely. so i had 6 weeks of daily radiotherapy and chemotherapy. when i was scanned 2 months later the radiologist could not identify the tumour, and when i had the 8 hour open bowel surgery the pathology report on what was removed found not a single cancer cell. so great things can happen and the radiotherapy can be very effective. i am cycling again now, 66 this summer , cycled up Holme Moss a few weeks ago and did 44 miles off road yesterday in peak district on tough hilly terrain, and difficult tracks

    so with a bit of luck you will be back at it ..
    mikey wikey

  • Good luck Bad Science!

    I hope you give cancer a massive cock punch and it fucks off.

  • Big ups Bad Science, you sound nails. Solidarity with the treatment, sounds like you'll rip it to shreds.

  • You are all awesome, thanks for the support.

  • Good luck Bad Science!!

  • I hope you give cancer a massive cock punch and it fucks off.

    This in spades.

    Good luck with the treatment, and your recovery.

  • ^+1

    Best of luck to you!

  • best of luck guys, being mentally strong like you two are is half the battle so i've heard.

  • I agree with dogtemple, positive state of mind and mental strength. Good luck and keep us posted. x

  • ^ absolutely. speedy recovery fella

  • Good luck Bad science, heal up quick!

  • Just seen this, shocking news... My ex-wife and my dad both beat it and it sounds like you're gonna beat the crap out of it too, Stay strong! x

  • Best of luck, Bas science.

  • Bit of an update. I need to have a few tests on my kidneys, to make sure they can put up with the medicine. I also need a hearing test, as the treatment can make you deaf...
    As soon as I get the ok, they will start me on chemo, which will probably be late next week or very early the week after. It's a cocktail (cocktails, yay!) of Cisplatin and Flourouracil, and I'll have a semi-permanent line in my arm and occasionally a cyborg-like pump attached to me, which I will be able to wear at work if I feel up to it.
    Radiotherapy will start once I've had about six weeks of chemo. They have to check all my teeth, in case any look dodgy. They prefer to pull any weak looking teeth out before radiotherapy starts, because otherwise they can cause weird complications.
    Chemo will be pretty bad, but radio will put me on my arse. Luckily, I will be broken up for summer by the time it starts, so I won't miss weeks and weeks of work. I should end up with about half of my saliva glands still functional. My moustache will survive, but I may lose the bottom of my sideburns, depending on where they decide to blast me with nuclear stuff.
    Treatment will not have started next wednesday, so I'll be able to be at work for state opening.
    All in all, a pretty good meeting with the doctor this morning. They were reluctant to give odds, but they said 75% was in the right ballpark.

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Cycling with cancer

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