Harry Quinn track 1970ies

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  • Not a project any more...

  • Here's what's arrived recently

    Now off to build it slowly and carefully...

    Very envious, I love it

  • Oh yes, Nice one G! I shall be keeping an keen eye on this one. Beautiful frame!

  • snatched it right from under you lot's British noses )))
    thanks, may take a while though

  • Wow! Original paint and everything?!

  • appears to be

  • Sickeningly gorgeous. Oh to own that. This will be one very enjoyable process.

  • That is a work of art.
    Can't wait to see it built up

  • So nice!!

  • Needs a TA chainset inmo....
    Will be a stunning bike I'm sure, congrats.

  • yes
    i was thinking along the lines of this to be honest, you kind of read it...
    but then there's always olongapmac

  • Fuck the VO ones.
    I've got a couple of pairs of TA cranks(165 and 170, perfect tapers/eng pedal threads) in the private stash, if you're interested in a pair for the build pm me.

  • damn

    ran out of cash and/or conscience to spend it. i guess i will have to build it period-incorrect for a start... soz!

    anyway, a quick question if anyone would know. what seatpost dia do Harry Quinns sport most usually? Hilary's site stated this was supposed to be 27.0 (also seen some other Quinns in that dia) but tried my 26.8 (!!) seatpost without any particular luck. any ideas off the top of anyone's mind pls?

  • just measured the seattube diameter. calipers gave me everything between 26.4 and 26.7, pretty fucked!
    i understand this is rather usual, esp for an older frame, but never faced this myself. what to do? go with smallest dia post?

  • start highest and work down

    if you put one in that's too small you may overtighten the tube

    then 26.4

    all easy enough to find, even campag

  • unfortunately don't have a full campagnolo record line up on me ((
    25.0-25.8-26.0-26.2-26.4-26.6.-26.8-27.0­-27.2-27.4 or so they said in the catalogs back in the day

  • yeah but unlikely to be anything but 26.6 or 26.4

    get hold of some cheap examples, try them then buy the campag

    i can loan you a 26.4

  • Mine of about the same vintage are both 27.2. My father's 1980 one was 27.0

  • loan me to Moscow, cheers =))
    yeah, it's obviously mashed, damn, will try smaller dia...

  • I'm having lots of problems building my Harry Quinn... a guy in my local bike shop basically told me to give up. He said imperial size parts are a nightmare to get and I shouldn't bother. It's my first attempt at a build. What do you think?

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  • but he would say that wouldn't he.

  • does he know vintage bikes?
    if not, ignore him

    what do you need?
    start a current projects thread and ask the knowledgeable people here
    you will find the parts here too probably

  • ufrasia a few months from now when you take your completed bicycle for him to see. the chin scratcher will, with a sharp intake of breathe assure you that "you got lucky finding parts for that mate"

    be patient, everything you need is still out there.

  • Hey Scorch

    This is one similar that I will be building up.

    It was built for a Famous Aussie track racer from my home town Kendrick Tucker for the 1979 World Champs It's a 27.0 seat post but only goes in a small distance. Take it to a frame builder to ream it.

  • thanks - but i guess someone else will be taking it to a frame builder to ream it... =))

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Harry Quinn track 1970ies

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