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  • That video is great @Velocio

  • There was also an amusing bit in one of the videos I watched, when a commentator said that Hub Vélo had been where Tao started hanging out in bike shops before joining Cycling Club Hackney--the latter predates the former by about seven years.

    Hah yes that was on Eurosport, did lol. I bet Condor loved that. Hub Velo is his spiritual home though, he does come by for a coffee and to say hello when he's in town.

    @almac68 right - that was Mike Mooney, co-founder/owner who used to race for Team GB (fact!).

    Gary, the other half of HV, put a fiver on Tao to win at 225-1 :)

  • We did it, LFGSS!

    Smart and strong racing, congrats Tao!

  • I’m floating on a cloud of tittles.

    Think I’ll put it in my memoirs

  • What will go in the other 199 pages?

  • @Zed

    spotted this Twitter feed from Belgium.. interesting fact, that only Tao from that line up has actually won the Giro, right? And who’s the bloke in orange, some Dutch interloper?

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  • Isn't the guy in the Wiggle shirt the owner/part-owner of CHPT3? Mark?
    He was in back of shot on Sunday after the finish line too.
    A mate of mine went to work at CHPT3 part time and I think he followed a former Wiggle employee so it would kind of add up...

  • Tao had a blog post about this at the time. I think it was linked earlier in this thread, but the old blog address now redirects to his web-site, although if you switch off Javascript you can still see two pictures.

  • I've put a link to the Wayback Machine's archiving of his old blog in the OP. I couldn't find the specific post about the ride with the Belgians, but it may well be there.

  • Thanks @Oliver Schick
    I remember Tao posted his blog here hadn’t clocked this picture, only the pic of the belge crew in the Essex lanes.

    thank you for intell on the wiggle jersey wearing guy.

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  • Anyone know what the story is with the red circle?

  • I think its a joke between Bede (his younger brother who has this link in his social profiles) and Tao


  • ...I wonder if he still thinks of us...

    Does he lie awake, staring into the sky at night, wondering.

  • how do you even know it's the same guy? could just be another person with the same name.

  • Wondering if dbad and tubeless should I read the first thread!

  • El barrio del este “Hackney”


  • Thought similar but he has a tattoo on his arm and wears a circle pendant on his neck so wondered if there was any deeper meaning. Either way I dig it

  • I think I’m possibly the only person on this forum that isn’t best mates wit Tao.

  • You are by association. Everyone now is. No going back.

  • I did get beaten by him many times at Herne Hill during my short lived, yet highly successful track racing career over a decade ago tho.

    I have no doubt he wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for my key role in his Long term career development plan.

  • Were you using your physical gifts to masquerade as youth rider so you'd bag some wins?

  • Masquerading.

  • He was still taller than me.

  • Like I said, we’re not best mates though.

  • Nah, @amey hates his guts apparently.

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Tao Geoghegan Hart

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