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  • ^ needs more caps, I am literally yelling

  • Nice. He can win this tomorrow.

    In other news, I saw Alex Peters coming towards me a bit earlier, too fast for me to shout, and looking in fine fettle, with that aura of speed and strength about him that the best roadies have. I really hope he can get into a higher-level team soon, perhaps even the World Tour in the end.

  • Tao was superb today. He has every chance of winning it tomorrow and thoroughly deserves to do so.

  • Tao has been spared all those post race pink jersey commitments, therefore more rest and prep time for tomorrow, right?

    Totally impressed with Rohan Dennis too, what a legend!!!

  • Tao all the best for tomorrow do london proud.

  • Would love it if he was reading this.

    So much shouting at TV today.

  • Go Tao!
    What a finish today - calm and composed .
    What a present now and future ahead :)

  • First forumer to win the Giro?!?
    Need the logo in Pink if so.

  • No - Ivan Basso sometimes posts in the memes thread.

  • hahah! true about the pink logo though @7ven - paging @Velocio

  • Will do as soon as I get back to mine tomorrow evening.

  • <3<3<3

    (only if he wins, mind - that'll be crucial)

  • Pink logo would be ace

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  • This is a good quote:

    “I was super comfortable. I knew it wasn't up to me to force it,” Geoghegan Hart said. “I was focused on the stage. I knew we had a lot of time on the riders behind, so it was up to him [Hindley] to make the difference. I knew that he couldn't once he made his first attack.

    (Emphasis on the last sentence added.)


    His acute perception of Hindley right after the first attack is telling.

  • loved the way he rode almost touching elbows the other rider in the last km or two, he was moving towards him all the time, matching him pedal stroke for pedal stroke, front wheel always level or a hint in front, shoulder to shoulder knowing hindley had to do something, just waiting there for something to happen

    come on tao

  • This. He had so much road and was only interested in breathing down his neck. Antisocial distancing!

  • Pumped for today. Go on Tao! One our own could win the Giro :o

    As others have said, so impressed with Rohan Dennis in the last two mountain stages.

  • I woke up excited about today. I dread to think how little sleep Tao had last night.


  • The great thing is that coming through BC channels he, and the team, will be focusing on the process and not the outcome.

  • Brad Wiggins on the Breakway saying “Tao shouldn’t listen to teammates coming back off the course with advice” then says “I’m going to call him later with some advice” and publishes an open letter to him this AM.

  • Watched Brad the other night doing his punditry and thought..."is he drunk?".

  • I woke up excited

    morning boner?

  • I listened to Bradley Wiggins open letter Eurosport podcast to Tao from last night,

    jeez I was close to puking 🤢 up

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Tao Geoghegan Hart

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