Carlton Flyer track 1963

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  • I bought this on the forum fairly recently, and have since been tinkering with it with the intention of using it as my everyday ride.

    It's a Carlton Flyer track, probably a "BC" model judging from the description in the 1962 catalogue. It has a serial number that starts with L, which I think means it comes from 1963.

    The frame's Reynolds 531 with Carlton's special Flyer lugs, (almost) wrapover seat stays, and a Fischer twin-plate fork crown. At some point it was resprayed white. It came with a lovely 40/32 Campagnolo Record / Mavic track wheelset, marked "FW".

    According to the seller:

    I bought it off an older gentlemen in Welwyn Garden. He used to be a Track Racer and said this bike was a training bike for a famous Olympic Racer of the day, but I can't remember who he said.

    Rooting around on the forum, I found this photo, which I guess is how it looked when it was owned by the older gentleman:

    The components were a bit of a mish-mash: GB stem, steel north road bars, Shimano cup and cone BB, Stronglight 49D cranks with TA Cyclotouriste 3/32" ring, straight alloy seatpost, modern Brooks B17, MKS Sylvan track pedals. The seller also gave me a bag of bits, which included the Look pedals, pink Unicanitor, and rather fine Reynolds Pelissier handlebars that are in the photo above.

    Anyway, I stripped it, cleaned it, sold off the bits I didn't want, and have rebuilt it with Campagnolo-copy parts. This is what it looks like now:

    The details are as follows:

    Wheels: On One 36h track hubs, de-stickered Mavic Open Sport rims, built by Arup.
    Tyres: Hutchinson Profil U Kevlar. The rear came from Doglog, the front was in a pile of old tyres at Herne Hill jumble.
    Cranks: Andel Campagnolo-copy with, to quote Hilary Stone, a "very attractive retro design". They're 46t 1/8".
    BB: sealed 110.5mm Tange, which I got from someone on the forum a while back.
    Chain: KMC. Given to me by someone on the forum, ages ago.
    Pedals: Kyokuto Pro-Ace, also Campagnolo-copy, with Christophe Special straps and Alfredo Binda straps. I think they were listed as "vintage peddles" on Ebay.
    Seatpost: SR two-bolt, Campagnolo-copy. The post itself came from Tel; the hardware is from Hilly Ben, so thank you to them. I de-anodized and polished it.
    Saddle: I thought about using a Brooks Professional saddle, but having seen the stalls of Brooks saddles at Brick Lane market on Sundays decided to opt for something less desirable. It's a patina'd Ideale 2002 (as used by Bernard Thévénet to win the Tour De France in 1975), which I picked up at Herne Hill jumble. Amazingly, given what I paid for it, it has titanium rails.
    Bars: I wanted to use the Reynolds bars, but they have a 24.0mm clamp and the previous ower appears to have lost the shim, so I opted instead for Cinelli Criterium wrapped with black cloth tape and Milremo screw-in bar plugs.
    Stem: Cinelli 2A, which also came through the forum from nukeluc.
    Brakes: The drop is about 38mm, so getting a brake was a pain, especially as it's only drilled for a nut fitting. I eventually found a Modolo Speedy on Ebay.
    Headset: original steel, probably Brampton.

    I took off the ugly 531 "renovated" sticker as I thought it was destroying the purity of the white frame, but left the respray sticker, if anyone has any idea who it is:

  • Looks nice and understated!

  • nice.

  • Yeah very nice!

    I'm pleased you managed to salvage that seatpost would have been such a shame not to put it to use.

  • dibs btw

  • Er apologies if I have missed something, but what size are we looking at?

  • Yeah very nice!

    I'm pleased you managed to salvage that seatpost would have been such a shame not to put it to use.

    Yeah, me too. I think the two-bolt seatpost is my favourite of all the Campag-copy stuff from Japan. It makes me chuckle. Ben found me another at Hackney Jumble. The post wasn't very nice, but the clamps were fine so I swapped them over, then got out the Mr Muscle oven cleaner, wet n' dry, and Autosol to clean it up. Thanks for being so understanding about it.

    dibs btw

    Hands off! I know which items in my hoard you have your beady eye on.

    Er apologies if I have missed something, but what size are we looking at?

    I don't think you have. It's a 22 1/2" frame, so 57cm seattube and 57cm top tube.

  • Just took it out for a quick test-ride. It rides very smoothly, and silently. Lovely.

    Might need to adjust some of the heights and I'm not sure whether the 2A'll stay - it might be a bit long - but I'll see how it goes.

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Carlton Flyer track 1963

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