Josephine! - Restoring a Joe Waugh ladies tourer

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  • I think the cranks are ruined now so have to keep eye out for some replacements. Will probably stick to silver Deore LX triple and reuse the chainrings.

  • Does Mario do iridescent stuff anyway? It's a nice frame, simple colour with look good.
    Winston is shortening the older Varonha forks, I'm trying something... (axle to crown was based on carbon forks equivalent for the frame, I had all kind of multipurpose intentions for the frame, hence the gappy look. Want to see how the bike handles if I cancel that... I'd checked how the angles were affected on CAD a while back, it's almost négligeable)

  • I very much doubt Mario does iridescent... except maybe the traditional pearl white you sometimes see.

    Sounds like an interesting little project! Will it be more of a road bike with the forks changed?

  • We have lift-off!

    Mario's done an excellent job, the colour is extremely sparkly in real life.
    And all the extras Winston added came out perfectly: 27.2 seat tube, a couple of mended brazed-ons, mended seat clamp, new dynamo routing on the fork, and an extra bottle cage for the down tube.

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  • Lovely. Sparkly Cadbury's purple, may have to nip to the supermarket for some dairy milk.

  • That is an extremely accurate description!

  • phwoah! that is a very lovely colour combination.
    Also really like the font on the decals.

  • .

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  • Can't unsee this now!

    The frame looks great in that colour. Wish I'd never sold my Waugh now.

  • I may have a lx triple crank that needs better rings so if you want let me know and I’ll dig it out
    cheers k

  • That's very kind of you, cheers!
    I ended up ordering one from Spa Cycles.

    Not the lightest in the world but pretty decent for £27 : )

  • They're ok, I use the TD2 version, basically a Sugino crank without paying Sugino prices.

  • Question about bottom brackets:

    I bought a new chainset for this and I forgot to check if the old BB (122mm iirc) would still work, which obviously it doesn't. Spa website says 110mm BB for the chainset I have.

    Are all 110mm created equally or do I need to search for something that is somehow specifically designed for a triple chainset?

    Spa sell these but I've never heard of the brand and would like to get something 100% reliable if I can. Are these 'First Components' BBs any good? Or is there a go-to / tried-and-tested recommendation by Shimano etc?

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  • Shimano UN 55 is the one you want, haven't managed to kill one yet!

  • Shimano UN 55

    Cheers John... just to double-check, am I looking for a 68mm / 110mm?
    Do they work for triples as well as doubles, as long as the chainset manufacturer says 110mm?

  • I'm guessing the frame has a 68mm bb shell? Then yes a 68/110 will work, the length of the axle goes with the q factor of the cranks, so low q factor usually requires longer bb axle length, if the chainset manufacturer recommends 110mm then go with that, Spa Cycles has em for £24, buy a couple, I think Shimano have stopped making them.

  • So they do... how did I miss that?!
    Good idea to stock up too, thanks : )

  • One of the other issues I'm having with this is the cantis. I've screwed them in as far as the bolts will go and there still seems to be a bit of a gap where the rubber spring-covers meet the frame. Am I missing something? Pretty sure they weren't like that when I took them off.

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Josephine! - Restoring a Joe Waugh ladies tourer

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