2012-06-30 Sat/Sun - Dunwich Dynamo DD20

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  • please could you add this info to your OP in DDXX thread?

    Southwark Cyclists’ FAQs: http://southwarkcyclists.org.uk/dunwich-­dynamo-faqs

    Relax: The Dunwich Dynamo is under the London Cycling Campaign’s £5m public liability insurance cover via borough group Southwark Cyclists who help organise the event.

    If you’ve booked a ticket, important details about coach ticket collection/logistics:


    So we now have 4 Hamiltons Removals lorries and 16 coaches booked to bring roughly 850 people and their bikes back from Dunwich Beach on Sunday.

    The trucks for bikes will start loading around 09:00 at the parking in front of the Flora Cafe. When your bike is loaded you'll be allocated to a coach which will leave when the truck, with your bike in, is full. The last departure will be at 13.00. Please make sure you're loaded before then. Don't rely on anyone else dragging you off the beach. Say "thank you" to the driver when you get off.

    Bill will be point of contact in Dunwich.
    I will be at the start and the London end.

    Both of us have decided not to ride this year due to increased numbers of riders we are bringing back.

    London Sunday coach and truck drop-off point: Chamber's Wharf, Southwark, SE16 - http://goo.gl/maps/kmYZ

    Pit stops: a surge in local interest and support this year:

    * Around 55 miles out the village hall at Sible Hedingham will be  specially opened as usual. You can buy hot drinks and good basic food  there.
    * Snacks and drinks at The Bell Inn in Great Bardfield, Dunmow Road, CM7 4SA
    * Torque Bikes in Sudbury, Suffolk are going to run a free water and  repair station on route just as you leave the town, behind the Homebase  store.
    * Christine McClellan AKA The Flying Chef has booked a pitch at Needham Lakes.
    * Bacon Roll/Tea/Coffee stop that collects for Air Ambulance is back. Look out for them at 83 miles, Helmingham, Suffolk.
    * And others...
    * Oh and The Ship pub at the beach will be serving from 5am!

    Forecast: A nice tailwind is forecast for Saturday night. Should be dry, too, after some daytime showers, and reasonably mild.

    And please, please, please, for the sake of the locals and the ride’s longevity -

    If there are no-shows on the night, some tickets may be available for purchase at the start or end of the ride for £35.

    If anyone is feeling jittery and/or wants company from South East London we are doing a feeder ride from Cutty Sark Gardens, Greenwich (leaves 18:00) via London Bridge (18:30) arriving 19:00 at London Fields.

    See you outside the Pub on the Park at London Fields on Saturday!

    Coordinator, Southwark Cyclists

  • Going to be my first! Bring it on!!

  • When is it this year then?

  • 30th June.

    Tempted but think I may need to skip this year for domestic reasons. Am already doing a lot of other silly rides. Pity, still want to have a crack at this one on fixed. Maybe next year.

  • Need to get a coach organised...

  • ^Ride back on the sunday morning innit ;)

  • Ha...I knew if I dragged up last years thread somebody less lazy than me would start a new one! ;]

  • ^Ride back on the sunday morning innit ;)


  • Need to get a coach organised...

    I don't think LFGSS will do one this year.

    It was mentioned last year that Southwark are going to change their coach system so that it runs continuously from 9am through to the afternoon.

    Doing that would avoid having to wait until noon to get a coach, and so would remove the biggest part of the reason that we were sorting out our own stuff.

    That said... if someone wants to organise one, including a large enough truck with driver, to shift us all around, then I'm happy to cover a good chunk of the costs.

    But taking on such a thing is far less compelling this year if Southwark are actually running coaches back as and when they fill them up.

  • I'm taking gears and riding back this year I hope.

  • Let's get a coach out to dunwich, with the bikes, and ride back to London...
    Worst thing about the DD is the coach trip back

  • ride back then.

    having said that, on the way back last year I witnessed a car crash in Epping, and was so tired after that I couldn't keep my eyes open and we had to get on the train.

    Or I guess you could leave the bike at home and get a coach both ways. Or put your bike on the coach and stay at home.

  • Super! Can't wait....

  • may as well

  • In. Think I'll try riding back, this time.

  • Boo most likely I'm out for this one as I'll be tearing it up on a lake in Slovakia wake boarding.

    Dunwich, Tweed and Randonnee al missed this year. Must try harder.

  • I think I'll think about riding back.


  • I'm thinking of riding back...

    ok, I've thought about it.

  • In!

  • Can't wait for this years.

  • Might stay in Suffolk for a bit instead. The coach was hot and horrible.

  • Don't know about getting back, work that out nearer the time, but definitely in for the ride, if only for the pint and full English at the end.

  • I'm doing the ride back to Norwich this time I think.

  • Innnnnnnnn.

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2012-06-30 Sat/Sun - Dunwich Dynamo DD20

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