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  • Centenary +2 ride today 18th June. 2pm start at Gloucester Road ending at Varonha at about 4pm. Map here­.15/51.4128/-0.0515. Route covers Roberts workshops and associated shops.

  • Thanks for a lovely and educational ride!
    And nice to meet a friendly and knowledgeable crowd!
    Wish I could have stayed until the end of the Vaz headquarters visit!

    Up for contributing to a plaque if this is being organised.

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  • Bit the bullet, cost a fortune. Can't wait to have time to build it up although it'll be spares box stuff as ive spent all my money!

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  • Steve Goff and c and g in liverpool did the repairs/ enamel. Very pleased.

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  • I'm sad I couldn't attend the Centenary ride as I'm out of the country. Looking forward to take this beauty out of storage and ride it again!

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  • May I ask how C and G charged? I didn't even know they were still in business?

  • Really nice lo-pro. I have a Chas Roberts road bike in exactly the same colour and decals. Paint is coming away in a few spots so am thinking of possibly getting some more paint maybe just to touch up. Any idea what the paint is and where I can get some? Have you ever touched up/ resprayed yours? Cheers

  • 245 pounds plain enamel and lug lining and apply transfers I supplied, frame only. Got the forks re chromed in a place in Birmingham, I think they were 75.

  • Nice! Mine has faded quite a lot, but the more hidden areas still show a very flashy pink. I bought it from a previous owner and I haven't touched the paint (only a light buff). It has a couple of marks, though. I kept it dry and applied rust protection inside the frame when I built it up.

    In my case, because of the fading I think it's hard to touch up and I would rather keep the beauty marks and simply protect them with a clear coating.
    The chromed fork is in a bad state, tho. I could do with recommendations for re-chroming.

    I'm sorry I couldn't be of help. Being a low-pro has probably seen less miles and harsh weather conditions compare to a road or tourer of similar age.

  • No worries. Rust protection and Clear coat could be the way to go actually, would be nice to keep all the signs of use since the early 90s.

  • Did a ride with Mrs Underuser’s work at the weekend. The minibus and trailer people they used to get us back to London have fucked the paint, scratched back to steel, on mine and the wife’s bikes. Mine also now has a dent on the top tube.
    Who is good for resprays?
    Will the dent be fixable/ new tube / live with it? It looks worse in real life but still isn’t a massive ding but I am fucking annoyed.
    Mine is the blue one.

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  • Go see Dave at Colourtech. Likely he painted them in the first place.

    Get the dent filled.

  • Dent definitely fixable and fillable but id touch them up and ride, resprays ain't cheap...

  • Don't suppose the minibus and trailer people have insurance?

  • I think the wife’s company will take the financial hit!!!
    The guy loaded them into a box trailer and I didn’t think to check them being secure, more so as they’d used these guys before on a L2B run without problems. Thanks for the replies

  • Colourtech or Mario Vaz.
    You can get the dent filled by Winston Vaz (Mario's brother), who has a workshop in the same building.... and likely built the frames in the first place!

    Colourtech is probably best for a longer-lasting coat of paint.

  • As @gaz says, Winston can fix the dent for a reasonable price, he silver brazed a dent on my Roberts' top tube.

  • Colour tech says they do frame repairs on the website, and at very decent price. This possibly could be done by Geoff Roberts who uses dave for paint and down the road in Kent.

  • Can’t believe my Roberts is 22 years old! It still rides like new and is by far the best bike I’ve ever owned. Bought with sone of the proceeds from my late Dad’s estate, I thought I’d treat myself to something I could remember him by. A good decision all in all.

    During the pandemic, I raised funds for the RAF benevolent fund by riding rollers every day during November 2020. That was a hard 300 miles, but it did my fitness a lot of good.

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  • Anyone in the market for a 52cm Roberts Audax (with the sort of inbuilt higher stack HT)?

    I've had a great time razzing around on it for 3.5k miles but it came to me chipped and the sea air isn't do it any favours. Instead of riding the frame into oblivion I think I'm going to move parts to a different frame and try and move the Roberts on to less salty and wet climes. Structurally it's grand but it might be time for some surface level TCL. Basically a little rust around the dropouts, some chips but structurally is ok, it's just that living by the sea and my lack of funds to refurb this means moving it on could keep the frame alive for another 40 years. Pic below when I built it up about a year and a half ago. Would be frame, carbon forks, headset and seatpost (it's 26.8!)

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  • living by the sea

    Time for a new Titanium fixie?

  • I would love that, alas I panic bought a 2015 rim brake Equilibrium frameset so all the part will be moved over. It also seems that I'll never own any Nice, Expensive bikes, just normal bikes that I ride into the ground so what's the point :(

  • normal bikes that I ride into the ground

    Best bikes imo

  • Sorry forgot to add a price, say ~£200?

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The Roberts Cycles Handbuilt Bicycle Owners Club

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