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  • @MCamb another purple bike for your collection! your size too?

  • Got myself a Roberts from the 'bay.

    What's the best way of identifying it? The frame looks to have been repainted in its time and the serial number is pretty hard to work out. Just wondering if there are any characteristics I should be looking for before I start removing paint.

    Also - looks as if the fork has never been chopped down? There's 2 threaded race on top of each other haha (thanks for "fitting a headset" seller..). Or could be a non original fork.

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  • The fork looks similar to those sold by Brick Lane bikes. The frame looks high quality but the finish on the chain stay ends at the drop outs, as far as can be seen, seems unusual and dosen't look typical of Roberts builders.

  • Cinelli bb shell?

  • My Roberts has one too, that in itself wouldn't suggest it's not a Roberts.

  • So I did some digging, and found out that the frame was a Roberts previously owned by @gizmond and then sold off. In that time the frame had been repainted and fork changed.

    100% sure that the frame is Roberts, probably Columbus slx but not sure about the forks.

    Used to look like this

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  • Just had it confirmed via the frame number that it is a Roberts made out of Columbus slx.

    Now to get building...

  • A lovely arrowhead lug frame just sold on Ebay lots of nice panto detailing too.
    Regretting not bidding .. but sizing and colours just not quite right for me.
    Still a bargain

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  • .

  • Yes! That is my friend's bike. Used to be mine. Nice one bruvva.

  • Will edit post. Shout me if you need an extra pair of hands

  • Cheers man, have messaged my mate to double check and it is defo hers.

  • Here are some Roberts pics, from Oklahoma City, of all places!
    The brown #150, off eBay CA, the green touring, frameset from Hallet’s, Albuquerque 1979, the white, Chas built for me on trip thru London, 1985, Columbus SLX, Cinelli bottom bracket, he said it would comfortable for day long rides. Lovely rides!

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  • Love the green one! The #150 is an early one… I think I’ve only seen perhaps 3 or 4 lower numbers? Thanks for sharing.

  • Here some more pics of #150. Thought the Huret Jubilee ‘campagnolo’ mount, a nice touch. Room for 700 x 32’s. Had Chas repaint the touring while I went with the Severn Valley rail club to China, 1985. Brought back the two boxed bikes, and only then realized his dad transfers were gone!

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  • these are all lovely

  • Another Roberts, on the wall of Sunflower bicycle and outdoor sports, Lawrence, Kansas.
    Don’t know anything about the bike, or how it got to Lawrence Kansas, appears to be a Charlie...Looks to have been built for cyclocross, as there are no fender or rack mounts.

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  • I have a 1984 22" Roberts touring frame (due for re-enamelling) for sale on ebay: Auction ends 15 Sept 7pm.

  • Just acquired a red Roberts road bike from the early 1970s. #196 (or maybe 198) last digit is a bit hard to read.
    22" frame. pretty good condition. Campy derailleurs ( rear is '74) , first gen Dura Ace crank. clinchers on shimano lf hubs. Campy pedals. I got it from my friends widow. Ames Iowa license sticker. Michaels Cyclery in Ames shop sticker. USA. (7)

  • Treated myself to a Clubman many years ago with work bonus, used it once for a great 3-day tour of Wales (Bath to Holyhead) and it's sat unloved in parents garage ever since. Thinking about getting it back on the road, commuter, maybe with some flat bars.




  • That is a lovely looking bike. I'd stick with drops though

  • This is new (to me):

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  • Got a Stratton branded project going­stratton-roberts-frame.436345/#post-3188­564

    I vaguely remember buying it on lfgss probably around 8 years ago and being told it was a confirmed Roberts. It was 30 quid I think. I've ridden it in its rough condition since then but im gonna do the right thing and get the refurb done. Thinking black with gold lug lining if I can't afford the chrome redone. Bike projects have to be revenue neutral these days...

    Don't suppose anyone remembers selling it to me?

  • Wasn’t the late great Fiddy aka 50x14, was it? I remember him having a Stratton but his was blue - he seemed to know a bit about the shop I recall, they’re in Wandsworth right?

    Then again, I can’t see him hacking a hanger off a chromed campagnolo dropout (the puppy death nadir!)

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The Roberts Cycles Handbuilt Bicycle Owners Club

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